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PEHOPrincipal Environmental Health Officer (UK)
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Mark Berry, principal environmental health officer, was awarded the RSPCA Arthur Broome bronze award - recognising outstanding contribution to animal welfare.
Mike Petersen, Principal Environmental Health Officer for St Helens Council said: "Any resident approached by someone claiming to be operating on behalf of the council should ask for an official identification badge, which all of our staff carry.
Neil Harris, principal environmental health officer at Walsall Council, said: "It appears Mr Smith hadn't worked for a while but he was previously been employed in milling and drilling jobs.
Principal Environmental Health Officer Huw Thomas said: "We're working with the event organisers to ensure the event causes as little noise disturbance as possible to the local community.
Anglesey's Principal Environmental Health officer Keith Rowlands said: "When dining out, you'll choose to go to a place where you like the food and you know you'll have a good time.
Joy Adams, Coventry's principal environmental health officer, said: "We haven't caught anyone spitting out chewing gum.
Principal environmental health officer for North Tyneside Council Trevor Greener, said: "It was very close.
The green light was given following an inspection by Rob Llewellyn, Stockton Borough Council's Principal Environmental Health Officer, accompanied by Steven Gale, the authority's Animal Health Officer.
The Vale of Glamorgan Council said it was sorry to hear of the incident but principal environmental health officer Rowan Hughes said that there is no current legislation in Wales relating to such premises.
A letter written by David Dier, the Merthyr's principal environmental health officer, in 2002, saying: "The fact this supplier seems willing to tell untruths to enforcement officers and avoid traceability issues and correct labelling of high-risk foods, gives me great concerns.
And principal environmental health officer Mrs Donagh was criticised for concentrating on Tudor's dishonesty rather than failings in the council's inspection processes.
Principal environmental health officer at Belfast City Council Tom Crossan said tobacco officers were investigating what happened, and would "deal with it" when they knew all the facts.
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