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PPOCPrints and Photographs Online Catalog (Library of Congress)
PPOCPediatric Physicians' Organization at Children's (Hospital; Boston, MA)
PPOCProfessional Photographers of Orange County
PPOCPatient Plan of Care
PPOCPrimary Point of Contact
PPOCProfessional Photographers of Canada, Inc. (formerly Commercial and Press Photographers Association of Canada)
PPOCPlatform Payload Operations Center
PPOCPrincipal Point of Contact
PPOCProcurement Point Of Contact
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While the government did not have an institutionalized working group to address trafficking, relevant agencies and NGOs continued to meet on an ad-hoc basis, and a Ministry of Justice official continued to serve as principal point of contact on trafficking cases.
The principal point of contact for administration of the PBL Awards program is Mr.
As the principal point of contact for drug testing programs in high school, college, and professional sports, certified athletic trainers often see the first signs of chemical use among athletes.
As such, he is the principal point of contact for support to Program Executive Offices (PEOs) and weapon system Program Managers (PMs) for acquisition support, the hardware System Commands (SYSCOMs), and organic industrial activities for industrial support, and foreign military sales customers for international logistics support.
As a principal point of contact with the DOE's Rebuild America Program on behalf of the sponsoring organizations, PTI will lend the technical experience of its staff and that of the PTI Urban Consortium Energy Task Force to DOE by offering assistance to increasing program efficiencies, furthering program development and coordinating information sharing.
The partners responsible for these desks are the principal point of contact for clients.
Though it wasn't intended to be, the OEO became the government's principal point of contact with the black ghettos and the black power movement.
For businesses looking to invest in Tyne and Wear it is the principal point of contact, offering advice on all subjects relating to potential investment, from sourcing sites to the provision of premises and advice on matters such as financial assistance, labour and training.
BUSINESSES looking to expand and invest in Tyne and Wear have a principal point of contact for assistance and advice.