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PQIPaint Quality Institute
PQIPower Quotient International
PQIPractice Quality Improvement (health care industry)
PQIPerformance and Quality Improvement (various organizations)
PQIPower Quotient International Co, Ltd
PQIPavement Quality Index (pavement assessment)
PQIPrint Quality Improvement (Canon cameras)
PQIPresque Isle, ME, USA (Airport Code)
PQIPrevention Quality Indicator
PQIPowerQuest Image (File Extension)
PQIPersonnel Quality Index (US military)
PQIProject Quality Index
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The quality improvement of the imaging continued to drive the early adopters to digital imaging and it was advantageous because the printers realized significant print quality improvement overall.
It provides all the main APS services - three print formats, index prints, backprinting negative return in cartridge and print quality improvement.
Magnetic IX features include Mid-Roll Change (MRC); Print Quantity designation; date and time-recording capabilities for backprinting without infringing on the elements within the photograph; and Print Quality Improvement (PQI) for outstanding photofinishing prints.
This gives visible print quality improvement and finer details especially when printing primary colors and dark areas.
It also offers other popular Advanced Photo System features, including Print Quality Improvement, date/time imprinting and user-selectable title imprinting.
Advanced Photo System features of the Canon ELPH include: a real-image viewfinder with built-in masks for producing three Print Aspect Ratios ("C" or Classic, "HDTV" or wide-angle and "P" or Panorama); Magnetic Information Exchange (IX), which allows specific information to be "read" or "translated" from the camera to any of several Advanced Photo System-format films; easy drop-in film loading; backprinting capabilities for user storage and record-keeping without infringing on the elements within the photograph and Print Quality Improvement (PQI) for outstanding photo finishing prints.
Print quality improvements, ease-of use, and walk-away automation will increase research productivity and lower operating costs.
The reports we heard from other newspaper printers using the technology confirmed the print quality improvements that can be achieved by using the SD-H to spray fountain solution onto the plate.