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P2Pollution Prevention
P2Primary 2 (various organizations)
P2Phase II
P2Pentium II (Intel)
P2Player 2 (video games)
P2Priority 2
P2Sony Playstation 2
P2Second Position
P2Propaganda Due (Italian)
P2Postal 2 (game)
P2Professional Plug-In (Panasonic)
P2Power Projection
P2Pioneer 2 (Phantasy Star game)
P2Predict and Prevent (Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Tenet Lane)
P2Pulmonic Second Heart Sound
P2Progressive Professionalism (US Air Force)
P2PMBP Automated Information System (Army Corps of Engineers)
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means (s) 3.005 2.843 Percentage reduction (%) 93.37 94.65 Priority 2 Simple waiting time (s) 10.610 (1.772) Smart waiting time (s) 4.739 (0.634) Diff.
The percentage of Priority 2 roads remained nearly unchanged.
Using the GIS system, the average plowing time for the different priority roads were determined (Priority 1 routes take 4.5 hours to plow, Priority 2 take 6 hours, Priority 3 take 8 hours).
The Total Consideration paid in the Tender Offer for the Priority 2 Notes, Priority 3 Notes, Priority 4 Notes and Priority 5 Notes has been determined in the manner described in the Offer to Purchase by reference to a fixed spread over the yield to maturity of the applicable U.S.
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