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(NYSE: D), today announced the commencement of an offer to purchase for cash up to $400,000,000 aggregate principal amount (the Offer Cap) of its 4.250% First Mortgage Bonds due 2028, 4.350% First Mortgage Bonds due 2042 and 4.600% First Mortgage Bonds due 2043 (collectively, the Bonds) (such offer, the Offer); provided, that the Bonds tendered in the Offer shall be subject to the Offer Cap, the Acceptance Priority Levels (defined below), the Early Tender Priority (defined below) and proration, as applicable.
All the attributes have equal priority level. GRA and cost based method select different access network for the spectrum handoff decision as shown in Figure 7, Scenario 1d.
We expect that the size of the department will not matter for the highest priority level. All departments and their advocates will seek to protect the status quo of their highest priority items, and the stability of Level 1 priority will not vary across departments based on their size relative to the total budget.
And the last but the most important part is flag of priority level which gives a clear sign of priority level, and the principle is as the number increase, the priority level decrease, which means all zero get the highest priority.
Subject to the Maximum Tender Offer Amount, Notes validly tendered and not withdrawn at or prior to the Early Tender Deadline will be accepted for purchase before any Notes tendered after the Early Tender Deadline, regardless of the Acceptance Priority Level of such Notes tendered after the Early Tender Deadline.
$1,201.92 $1.151.92 Verizon Pennsylvania LLC $1.110.47 $1.060.47 Verizon Pennsylvania LLC $1.324.10 $1.274.10 Verizon Pennsylvania LLC $1.356.47 $1.306.47 Verizon Virginia LLC $1,227.79 $1.177.79 Verizon Virginia LLC $1,319.78 $1.269.78 Waterfall Offer Acceptance Priority Levels Issuer Waterfall Notes 1 Verizon Communications Inc.
Secondly, since vehicles in close proximity are prone to accidents, we propose to assign the highest priority level to vehicles' data traffics in close TDRR, sending highest priority emergency messages.
Such is true in the case of an Afghan target named Mullah Niaz Mohammed, given the code name "Doody." According to the document obtained by ( Spiegel Online International , Doody is a mid-level Taliban commander; number 3673 on the Obama's list and was assigned a priority level of three on a scale of one to four.
He said the BJP respects minority communities and understands their concerns, which would be addressed at a priority level.
The probability of the nonowners to get access of channel depends on the priority level assigned to it.
The committee will work for forging contacts between police and citizens in federal capital, change of thana culture, redressal of complaints of citizens and resolution of problems facing the citizens at priority level.
To meet the QoS requirements of different data flows in CPS, this algorithm introduces the priority level to provide differentiated services to a number of devices.
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