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PQParque (Portuguese: park; postal usage)
PQPourquoi (French: why)
PQParty Quest (online games)
PQProvince of Quebec
PQProcess and Quality
PQParti Québécois (provincial political party, Quebec)
PQProduct Quality
PQPicture Quality (video, tuner, television)
PQPerformance Qualification
PQProductivity and Quality
PQPriority Queue
PQPolice Quest (gaming)
PQPhu Quoc Island (Vietnam)
PQPerceptual Quantizer (high dynamic range TVs)
PQPriority Queuing (TCP/IP)
PQPort Qasim (Karachi, Pakistan)
PQPer Quarter
PQProcess Qualification
PQPlanetQuake (gaming)
PQPersonal Question
PQPhysical Intelligence
PQParliamentary Question
PQPosition Quality (US DoD)
PQPlanet Quest
PQPast Quarter
PQPhysically Qualified
PQParent Questionnaire
PQProgress Quest
PQPronator Quadratus
PQPlan Qualité (French: Quality Plan)
PQPro Querente (Latin: For or on Behalf of Plaintiff)
PQPapier Quadrille (French: Graph Paper)
PQPilot Qualified
PQPerceptual Quotient
PQPartly Qualified
PQPermeability Quotient
PQProvence of Quebec
PQPressure Quantity
PQPenasco Quemado Zone
PQPruned Quadtree
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The Credit scheduler has one priority queue per processor, and one processor schedules several virtual processors.
Multimedia tasks processed through scheduling and computing queues are finally sent to the transmission queue at transmission rate [xi], where N priority queues store processed results of size [R.sub.i] before forwarding them to the intended priority-class i end users.
For that reason, dual queue model is designed which is based on number of packets in regular and priority queues, defined as [[eta].sub.1], [[eta].sub.2] respectively.
In this algorithm an additional priority queue is introduced for scheduling the video applications separately along with the dedicated strict-priority queue for voice applications.
This will happen only when there is high percentage of functions in the priority queue belonging to the same NPN class.
As represented by the blue line, the number of packets drop in a second is uniform throughout the simulation in comparison with red and green line for the first-in-first-out and priority queue. This gives an outstanding detail about the efficient performance of our proposed scheme during successful packet transmission in a network.
Filtering-Rete algorithm works as follows--The input RFID data streams are prioritized and ordered using buffered priority queue and comes as an input to the filtering module.
LLQ scheduling is an enhancement of Class Based Weighted Fair Queuing CBWFQ in which one or more strict priority queues are integrated to solve latency issues in multimedia applications that makes it ideal for jitter and delay sensitive applications.
In Priority Queue, initially packets are classified by using scheduler according to their class.
Scheduler dispatches the tasks from the highest priority queue and executes that task either preemptively or nonpreemptively.
Low priority queue for abnormal requests is immediate rejection.
In Section 5, the priority queue with two classes of tasks is proposed.
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