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PQParque (Portuguese: park; postal usage)
PQPourquoi (French: why)
PQParty Quest (online games)
PQProvince of Quebec
PQProcess and Quality
PQParti Québécois (provincial political party, Quebec)
PQProduct Quality
PQPicture Quality (video, tuner, television)
PQPerformance Qualification
PQProductivity and Quality
PQPriority Queue
PQPolice Quest (gaming)
PQPhu Quoc Island (Vietnam)
PQPerceptual Quantizer (high dynamic range TVs)
PQPriority Queuing (TCP/IP)
PQPort Qasim (Karachi, Pakistan)
PQPer Quarter
PQProcess Qualification
PQPlanetQuake (gaming)
PQPersonal Question
PQPhysical Intelligence
PQParliamentary Question
PQPosition Quality (US DoD)
PQPlanet Quest
PQPast Quarter
PQPhysically Qualified
PQParent Questionnaire
PQProgress Quest
PQPronator Quadratus
PQPlan Qualité (French: Quality Plan)
PQPro Querente (Latin: For or on Behalf of Plaintiff)
PQPapier Quadrille (French: Graph Paper)
PQPilot Qualified
PQPerceptual Quotient
PQPartly Qualified
PQPermeability Quotient
PQPressure Quantity
PQProvence of Quebec
PQPenasco Quemado Zone
PQPruned Quadtree
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To overcome the above limitations and to provide fair sharing of resources, many other types of scheduling methods, such as Priority Queuing (PQ), Weighted Round Robin (WRR), Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ), Custom Queuing (CQ) and Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing (CB-WFQ) have been proposed [6].
We apply the first-step algorithm with pure round-robin and priority queuing algorithms to ensure QoS support.
Specially branded cheque books are provided for Najahi current account holders, besides priority queuing facility at branches for both teller and non-teller transactions.
LLQ is used with the key idea of mapping voice and video traffic in two different queues but at the same time using priority queuing within LLQ for both voice and video traffic for all other QoS classes.
Members can enjoy access to a designated priority queuing counter in selected VIVA stores across the kingdom, and a dedicated customer care centre, which can be accessed by dialling 103.
This will be an extension of a priority queuing system, earlier run on a trial basis at London Heathrow Airport.
BAA, who operate Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports, say it has no plans for priority queuing lanes.
AT&T will migrate Cargill to Multi-Protocol Label Switching technology, enabling Voice over Internet Protocol, disaster recovery and priority queuing for business applications.
They also integrate such capabilities as server load balancing, application switching, priority queuing, SYN flood protection and protection against virus and worm attacks
These allow you priority queuing on all nights including the breakfast bars.
That will include a meal for two in Old Orleans, priority queuing at the massively popular Ikon and Diva clubs, complimentary entry and access to the exclusive VIP Skybar - a popular haunt with Coventry and Warwickshire sports stars and personalities.
Features include support for the open shortest path first (OSPF) routing protocol and the virtual router redundancy protocol (VRRP), improved fail-over capabilities between remote sites and enhanced bandwidth management and priority queuing services.
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