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PTNPartition Number
PTNPerguruan Tinggi Negeri (Indonesian: state university)
PTNParent Teacher Network (various organizations)
PTNPro Travel Network
PTNPolskie Towarzystwo Neurologiczne (Polish: Polish Society of Neurology)
PTNPublic Telephone Network
PTNPacket Transport Network (computer networking)
PTNPrimary Transit Network (various locations)
PTNPersonal Telephone Number
PTNPublic Telecommunications Network
PTNPrivate Telecommunications Network
PTNPost Tender Negotiation
PTNParallels Technology Network
PTNPaint The Night
PTNPoker Training Network (Dallas, TX)
PTNPreservation Trades Network, Inc.
PTNPrivate Trading Network
PTNPyramidal Tract Neuron
PTNPart Time Ninja
PTNPhotonic Transport Network (IEEE)
PTNPersonal Telecommunications Number Service
PTNProduct Technical Note
PTNPerson to Notify
PTNProduct Termination Notice
PTNProduct Transfer Notes
PTNPortable Telephone Number
PTNProblem Tracking Notification
PTNPatrolman/Patrolwoman (law enforcement title)
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He spoke about what he called "illegal digging and installation work Tarshish," which local officials and residents say was being carried out by Hizbullah to install its private telecommunications network.
Those clashes broke out after the government took a decision to dismantle Hizbullah's private telecommunications network, which the group says is crucial for its survival.
Since there were not enough terrestrial lines available to cope with this daily transaction flood, Banco Bradesco, Brazil's largest private financial institution, opted to implement a satellite-based private telecommunications network from GTE Spacenet.
He was referring to street clashes in Beirut and other areas between pro- and anti-government gunmen on May 7, 2008, after Hezbollah's gunmen briefly took over West Beirut to protest a decision by the then-government of Fouad Siniora to dismantle the party's private telecommunications network.
The fighting broke out after the Cabinet took a decision to shut down Hizbullah's private telecommunications network.
Today," said Sedgwick, "a single company can build a private telecommunications network that has more capacity than all of the public networks that existed on earth in the early 1960s.
Summary: A heated debate over Hezbollah's private telecommunications network during Parliament's question and answer session Wednesday turned personal when a Hezbollah MP insulted a Kataeb (Phalange) lawmaker.
Summary: The Ministry of Telecommunications denied Tuesday that Hezbollah has installed a private telecommunications network in the Baabda town of Tarshish in a statement it issued and carried by the National News Agency.
He was referring to sectarian street fighting between pro-and anti-government groups in Beirut in May 2008 after Hizbullah's fighters briefly took over the western Muslim sector of the capital to protest a government's decision to dismantle the party's private telecommunications network.
That date saw bloody clashes between pro-Hezbollah and pro-government supporters following a Cabinet decision to dismantle Hezbollah's private telecommunications network.
Hizbullah resorted to the use of its arms to defy a Cabinet decision that sought to shut down the Shiite group's private telecommunications network.
Fayyad said the party's general assembly was briefed on policies adopted by the PSP in the aftermath of May 2008 events, when pro-Hezbollah fighters overran Western neighborhoods of Beirut after a decision by then-Prime Minister Fouad Siniora's Cabinet to dismantle Hezbollah's private telecommunications network.
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