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PDNPhoto District News (New York, NY)
PDNPlant Delights Nursery (Raleigh, NC)
PDNPower Distribution Network
PDNPower Delivery Network
PDNPublic Data Network
PDNPerformance Driving Network (cars)
PDNPacific Daily News (Guam)
PDNPrivate Duty Nursing
PDNPacket Data Network
PDNProduct Discontinuation Notice
PDNPrivate Data Network
PDNPortable Digital Notepad (electronic notepad)
PDNPositive Delivery Notification
PDNProximal Diabetic Neuropathy
PDNPatrol Developer Network (BMC Software)
PDNPart Discontinuance Notice
PDNPrimary Database Network (ASEAN)
PDNProcedure Departure Notice
PDNPlease do Needful
PDNPreliminarily Defined Number
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Zayo's communications infrastructure solutions include dark fiber, private data networks, wavelengths, Ethernet, dedicated Internet access and data center colocation services.
"With each Intelsat EpicNGlaunch, we advance our vision of creating a global, high performance for our customers that will unlock new growth opportunities in applications including mobility, wireless infrastructure and private data networks. As we further our innovations with respect to ground infrastructure and managed service offerings, like IntelsatOne Flex, we are transforming the role of satellite in the telecommunications landscape."
In addition, the network is designed to support secure access and private data networks for the emergency services and other public services customers in the city of London such as transport authorities."
FIBER OPTIC EQUIPMENT & SYSTEMS DEMAND (million dollars) % Annual Growth Item 1996 2001 2006 01/96 06/01 Fiber Optics Demand by Market 5966 13725 22400 18.1 10.3 Telecom 3520 4940 7165 7.0 7.7 CATV 895 3430 5825 30.8 11.2 Utilities 595 1845 3935 25.4 16.4 Private Data Networks 270 1595 2465 42.7 9.1 In-Building 120 700 1010 42.3 7.6 Military/Aerospace 325 630 1120 14.2 12.2 Automotive 5 20 150 32.0 49.6 Other 236 565 730 19.1 5.3 [C] 2002 by The Freedonia Group, Inc.
For many users, the first two steps are all you need, but if you plan to access private data networks, such as a corporate computer system or intranet, one further step is worth considering.
The D6600 NetCom Fire Alarm Reporting System from Radionics of Salinas, California, has received UL 864 Commercial Fire Listing for communication of fire alarms over private data networks and the Internet.
With IP telephony, data or voice transmissions are converted into packets of information that travel across the network -- whether it is the public Internet, private data networks (referred to as Intranets), or a combination of both.
ISPs have long argued the access charges were designed for telephone lines which terminate in private data networks, but an ISP network is a public network and so should not have charges levied on the telephones lines it uses.
VPN technology allows companies to construct private data networks using the public Internet as a secure wide-area backbone.