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ProDOSProfessional Disk Operating System (Apple II OS)
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The VST iMac USB Floppy Drive supports the MacOS standard floppy drive formats, including MacOS, DOS and ProDOS.
The ProDos DPC and VPC proprietary control systems achieve repeatability of [+ or -]1% of pour weight.
Prodos got an approval to take over Gianfranco Ferre in November.
The HI can also read files from MS-DOS, OS/2, and ProDOS (PC) formats.
ProDos DPC is a precision pouring control unit specially designed for permanent mold casting.
5" disk drive that can read and write to MS-DOS, OS/2 and ProDOS disks as well as to Mac disks, allowing easy data transfer between DOS, PS/2 and Apple II machines, respectively.
3, ProDOS (Apple), and MS-DOS (IBM and compatibles) systems and the software will be updated or rewritten to take advantage of technical advances.
ProDOS 16 is the newest operating system for the Apple IIgs series of computers.