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ProLLProgram Logic and Linkages (program planning model; Center for Development and Research in Evaluation; Malaysia)
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(74) It is clearly the former category of pictures that, in contrast to Richter's cycle, are represented in the Farben covers (which can be viewed online at Thorwald Proll, Astrid's brother, with a cigar between his teeth, laughing during the arson trial while Horst Sohnlein looks sideways inquisitively; (75) Irene Goergens and Ingrid Schubert leaning over to ask questions at trial; (76) Goergens smoking a cigarette after her arrest; (77) and Holger Meins, whose eventual death by hunger strike Richter would initially paint only to subsequently paint over, (78) depicted here as a headphone-wearing audio engineer showing just a hint of a smile.
This was the period of the 'guerrilla icon', as Astrid Proll, ex-member of the Baader Meinhoff gang, once said, when young people did not want to be rock stars but revolutionaries (MacDonald, 1991:212).
All this forms a "package," repeated Austrian Minister Josef Proll, who took the opposite view of the Hungarian EU Presidency, which has proposed to split up the issue, with support from the European Commission and the great majority of EU member states (see Europolitics 4140).
Austria has suspended its aid contributions, the BBC said, noting that Austria's finance minister Josef Proll had complained that Athens had failed to meet targets to increase its tax revenues.
Result of September 2008 elections was again a grand coalition, led by Chancellor Werner Faymann (SPO) and vice Josef Proll (OVP).
Jayaratne, Greek Deputy Prime Minister Theodores Pangalos and Austrian Vice Chancellor Josef Proll. A press note issued from Foreign Office on Monday stated that Pakistan and China enjoy a multifaceted strategic partnership, based on mutual trust and mutuality of interests.
Reintegration is also difficult, as Astrid Proll testifies; see the Independent, February 18, 2007.
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CMYK "Graffiti artists l over the world to ach the learners new "They tell the learn mistakes and graffiti better to use opportun duce work which wil people." ners not to make their illegally, because it is nities like this to proll be seen by a lot of And with 20% of under 25s in the UK unemployed, the ultimate aim is to help the young people escape from a life on the dole.
On Friday, Josef Proll, the Austrian finance minister, said that his country would agree to lift its banking secrecy, case by case, if "justified suspicions" were presented.