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PROACPotential RAF Regiment Officers Acquaintance Course
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Both speakers were outstanding for different reasons and again ProAc has a winner in the D80 for those who can spring $14K for a pair of speakers.
Therefore, models from Aerial, Dynaudio, and ProAc that I occasionally lust after are almost twice the price, and for now I'm going to have to wait on them.
I originally had the baby ProAc Tablet MKIIIs in the system I listed in my original letter.
Some of the ProAc models as well as those made by Spendor also fall in this category.
I realize I do not attend your "school" of audio curriculum as I am a fan of the maligned $2k "serious small monitors" (JAH's "Bits & Pieces" column and KAL's review of the NHT Super Ones) as I own a pair of ProAc Response 1scs.
And after reading through your remarks about speakers (by the way, we gave a favorable review to the ProAc Response is back in Issue 59), it sounds as if you think speakers are pretty important, too.
My main speakers that I use for home theater and audio are a pair of ProAc Response 2s and CC1 center with bass routed to a HSU12Va.
I also considered two very famous small speakers that I had previously owned, the Rogers LS35/A, and the ProAc Tablette.
My favorites in the three price ranges are simple: Coincident Technology, Coincident Technology, and ProAc.