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PROACPotential RAF Regiment Officers Acquaintance Course
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Designed for use by petroleum engineers and landmen, financial analysts, planners, loan officer and brokers, PROAC provides annual and cumulative gas and crude production figures indexed by field and operator, along with a series of preliminary economic evaluations, including return on investment and rate of return.
The first data subset series of PROAC is currently available, covering all of the Railroad Districts in Texas.
Both speakers were outstanding for different reasons and again ProAc has a winner in the D80 for those who can spring $14K for a pair of speakers.
Therefore, models from Aerial, Dynaudio, and ProAc that I occasionally lust after are almost twice the price, and for now I'm going to have to wait on them.
I originally had the baby ProAc Tablet MKIIIs in the system I listed in my original letter.
Some of the ProAc models as well as those made by Spendor also fall in this category.
I realize I do not attend your "school" of audio curriculum as I am a fan of the maligned $2k "serious small monitors" (JAH's "Bits & Pieces" column and KAL's review of the NHT Super Ones) as I own a pair of ProAc Response 1scs.
My main speakers that I use for home theater and audio are a pair of ProAc Response 2s and CC1 center with bass routed to a HSU12Va.
I also considered two very famous small speakers that I had previously owned, the Rogers LS35/A, and the ProAc Tablette.
My favorites in the three price ranges are simple: Coincident Technology, Coincident Technology, and ProAc.