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The probability density function that describes the plate motion can then be estimated using the computed parameter p.
The probability density function [f.sub.R](i) corresponds to a retrieval table that outputs a probability that a given pixel is located within the ROI when a pixel value is used as an input.
The distribution function of [mathematical expression not reproducible] can be represented as [mathematical expression not reproducible], and the corresponding probability density function can be calculated by derivation:
Class Sub-class Probability density function (PDF) Light Automobile Normal (0,4125; 0,0232) Pick up Lognormal3P (0,606; 0,019; 0,544) SUV Lognormal3P (0,0477; 0,0436; 0,4496) Heavy Single unit light truck Lognormal3P (0,8417; 0,0462; 0,4789) Single unit heavy truck Weibull (1,1323; 0,0568; 0,6261) Articulated truck Normal (1,1986; 0,0692) Table 3: Frequency functions of maximum annual river flows by fluviometric station.
The inset a and the inset b in Figure 6(1) are, respectively, the probability density functions of <[absolute value of m]> when less than [T.sub.c] and greater than [T.sub.c] in the case of [epsilon] = 0.8: when less than [T.sub.c], there are only two peaks on both sides of <[absolute value of m]>' = 0, but only one peak at <[absolute value of m]>' = 0.
According to the probability density function established in Figure 2, the energy consumption value and reliability of the matrix asphalt materials can be evaluated.
Caption: Figure 1: Sum of probability density function: [x.sub.10] = 110, [x.sub.20] = 100, [[bar.[sigma]].sub.1] = 0.25, [[bar.[sigma]].sub.2] = 0.15, [bar.[rho]] = -0.5, and t - [t.sub.0] = 1.
The probability density function of the Weibull distribution is given as follows [15]:
Withers and Nadarajah [13] also observed that the probability density function can not be expressed in closed form and therefore it is difficult to find the analytic form of the estimators.
Three probability density functions have been calculated during non-pre-ignition operation, one for each Spark Advance value adopted during the test.
(7), which is solved with Navier-Stokes equations, and the exponential probability density function of pulsating intensity at the position, across all fluid particles in the profile, is shown as
The reverse Hazard rate function was determined as the relation among the probability density function and it's confirming distribution function.
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