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PROBDETProbability of Detection
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However, if the interest is in detecting Rickettsia from nymphs, pools with 10 nymphs yield a probability of detection of about 0.50, and with 20 nymphs in the pools the probability of detection is close to 1.
16, at 3 p.m., demonstrating how multiscan delivers improved sensitivity and probability of detection.
We also estimated the posterior probability of detection using a flat beta-binomial prior with the observed data using 5000 iterations of a Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulation in the computer program Winbugs version 1.4.3 (Lunn and others 2000).
Probability of detection increases with additional search effort, and the cumulative POD for a search can be estimated from the effective sweep width and the search effort per unit area (Robe and Frost 2002).
Likewise, the probability of detection, false alarm, and misdetection over the AWGN channel can be expressed [34] as follows:
The probability of detection for energy detection always stays 1 on all SNR values.
It is observed that p-norm detector gives a better probability of detection only when the Gaussian assumption of global TS is invoked for computation of threshold.
It found that international norms to reduce road accidents included targeted policing, the classification of drivers based on road behaviour, prevention by combining dissuasive penalties with a high probability of detection and punishment of offenders, and ensuring road-safety awareness as part of a national strategy.
The probability of detection of low contrast objects is constant over the image.
Therefore, the probability of detection is given as [p.sup.i.sub.d] = Prob{[Y.sub.i] > [[xi].sub.i]|[H.sub.1]} and the probability of false alarm is denoted as [p.sup.i.sub.f] = Prob{[Y.sub.i] > [[xi].sub.i]|[H.sub.0]}.
Given that with the SEC whistleblower program, the "probability of detection is dramatically higher than it has ever been before," Thomas recommends organizations "strengthen their internal reporting systems and self-report potential wrongdoing before their employees notify the authorities."
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