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Doppler shifter: A function that imparts vehicle speed (Doppler frequency) information to each probe antenna.
Rx connection matrix: A function that imparts the directivity pattern characteristics measured in the 1st stage as well as the cross-polarization characteristics in the actual environment to each probe antenna.
Because the reception point for the virtual radio wave environment was assumed to be a city area, each probe antenna in the Two-Stage Method was set at the received power measured in an actual city environment.
An over-the-air (OTA) method in which probe antennas are positioned in a circle around the terminal to be measured in order to form a fading environment is effective in the evaluation of mobile terminals in virtual radio wave environments [8].
It is generally indicated that when the terminal is smaller than the wavelength of the radio waves, it is necessary for the distance between the terminal to be measured and the probe antennas to be 10 wavelengths (termed "far-field").
To make antenna pattern measurements, the probe antenna is supported fixed in space, while the AUT is mounted on the azimuth positioner and stepped in angle in the azimuth plane.
Time domain gating removes spurious reflections and multiple reflections between the probe antenna and AUT.
The azimuth patterns of an X-band probe antenna at three different frequencies are represented as a linear plot and polar plot in Figures 4 and 5, respectively.
The software can control various commercially available network analyzers used to transmit and receive microwave signals from the test and probe antennas.
This reduction results from swinging the probe antenna on an arc that approximates the perfect focal arc defined by r = [R.
0], the height less than 1/3 the width, the probe antenna radiation pattern matching the 1/r distance variation, angle correction aligning the far field radiation pattern angle to the mount rotation angle and an angular range of 100'.