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POEPath of Exile (gaming)
POEPhase of Education
POEPiece of Eden
POEProof of Employment
POEPoint of Entry
POEPortfolio of Evidence
POEPeace On Earth
POEProof of Execution
POEPoint of Equilibrium
POEProjekt Ostry Emade (Polish: Rough Draft Emade)
POEPropagation of Error (statistical software)
POEProperty of Equality (mathematics)
POEPeriod of Enrollment (financial aid)
POEPorts of Entry
POEPoint of Exit
POEPoint of Existence (game)
POEPublic Outreach and Education (various locations)
POEPortal of Evil (website)
POEPaid Owned Earned Media (marketing)
POEPrecio de Oportunidad de la Energía (Spanish: Price Energy Opportunity)
POEPersistent Object Environment
POEProof of Entitlement
POEPower over Ethernet
POEPerl over Ethernet
POEPlace of Employment
POEProcess of Elimination
POEPanel of Experts
POEPort Of Embarkation
POEPost Occupancy Evaluation (now Facility Performance Evaluation)
POEPerl Object Environment
POEProblem of Evil (theology)
POEPrinciples of Engineering
POEPolyolester (type of oil for A/C)
POEPhysician Order Entry
POEPipe Organ Encounter
POEProvider Outreach and Education Advisory Group (US Medicare)
POEPoint of Embarkation
POEPurity of Essence (Dr. Strangelove)
POEPolyolefin Elastomer (polymer)
POEProofs of Entitlement (IBM)
POEPublicly Owned Enterprise (Kosovo)
POEPiece of Eight (old English currency)
POEParallel Operating Environment (IBM)
POEPoint of Exposure
POEPrimary Operating Environment (Australia)
POEProgram Office Estimate
POEProactive Office Encounter
POEPoint Operating Equipment (railway engineering)
POEProjected Operational Environment
POEPlan of Exploration
POEProbability of Exceedence
POEpoint of ending
POEPost Office Express
POEPilot Operational Equipment (US NASA)
POEPlanet Ouest Evasion (French club)
POEPredict, Observe and Explain (science education)
POEPrivately Owned Enterprise
POEProof of Export
POEPoint of Essence
POEPriority of Effort
POEPrecise Orbit Ephemerides
POEPosture of Engagement
POEProgram of Execution
POEPersonally Owned Equipment (various organizations)
POEprotubérance occipitale externe
POEPay Option Election
POEProjected Operating Employment (Navy Association with ROC)
POEProcess Overall Efficiency (engineering)
POEProfessional Office Enterprises
POEProposed/Projected Operational Environment
POEProof of Enabler
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He was always dealing with the problem of evil, too, and I found a more potent charm in his more artistic handling of it than I found in George Eliot.
Truesdale says that "God's revelation of himself is so complete, so redemptive and so full of peace and hope" that Christians must take the problem of evil to "the Cross and Resurrection.
They cover why myth-making is necessary, the myth-making process, religious extremism, the problem of evil, terrorism, born again, illness and wellness, death and immortality, humans and other animals, human sexuality, alpha and omega, and the secular apocalypse.
Saint Anselm and the Problem of Evil, or On Freeing Evil From the "Problem of Evil," SIOBHAN NASH-MARSHALL
He looks at its heterodox character, its sociohistorical context, the audience's social location, synchronic literary analysis, the problem of evil and cognitive dissonance, the irrational response to the (over-)rationalization of traditional wisdom, the positive power of the book's pessimism, and the sociology of its canonicity.
Trakakis rejects the distinction between the theoretical problem of evil and the practical problem of evil.
Christopher Southgate, the author of The Groaning of Creation: God, Evolution, and the Problem of Evil, serves as Honorary University Fellow/Research Fellow in Theology at the University of Exeter, England.
He argues that, if not for the problem of evil, there would be little reason for religion to exist.
1995) and Varieties of African American Religious Experience (1998), revolved around the problem of evil as a way of moving theologians into a discussion of African American religiosity (in all its various forms) through attention to cosmology, doctrines of God, and theological anthropology.
He combines the problem of evil and the creation of one's own reality.
Five US and European scholars of philosophy and theology defend Lewis' Christian apologetics and another five criticize them, The cover the argument from desire, the argument from reason, the moral argument, the trilemma argument, and the problem of evil.