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ProbusProfessional Business
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Probus likewise, by that speech, Si vixero, non opus erit amplius Romano imperio militibus; a speech of great despair for the soldiers.
Pictured at Stokesley & District Probus Club's |most recent talk are, from left: speaker/finder Dick Hawkins, Gordon Henderson, chairman Keith Waller and secretary Peter Robinson
Erdington Court Bowls Club ismaking indoor facilities available for a 12-week period for the Probus Club, many of whose members live locally.
The Men's Probus Clubs are for retired professional and business men, hence the name Probus (Professional/Business).
Coventry Probus Club chairman Charles King said the talk was fascinating.
He was positive from the outset aboard Father Probus (5-2 favourite) and beat Emperor's Choice by a length and three-quarters.
Fitness is rarely an issue with Williams-trained runners and if Father Probus jumps well on this first outing for 260 days he's entitled to make his presence felt.
Lohenstein's citation in his notes of the preface by Aemilius Probus refers to the opening chapter of Cornelius Nepos's De Excellentibus Ducibus Exterarum Gentium (On the Great Leaders of Foreign Lands, first century B.
ESOPs: The Handbook of Employee Stock Ownership Plans, edited by Gerald Kalish, Probus Publishing Company, 118 North Clinton Street, Chicago, Illinois 60606, 1989, 332 pp.
HONLEY Probus Club observed a silence as a mark of respect for senior member Jack Hepper, who died recently.
His links with the local area remained strong, however, and each month he attended Bloxwich Probus Club.