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PTSPProceed to Select Protocol
PTSPPartial Tree Sharing Protocol
PTSPPnni Topology State Packet
PTSPPayment Terminal Service Provider
PTSPPhysical Travelling Salesman Problem (computational intelligence)
PTSPPNNI Topology State Packet (Sprint-ATM)
PTSPPerishables and Temperature Sensitive Products
PTSPPublic Transportation Subsidy Program
PTSPProbability Theory and Stochastic Process (various locations)
PTSPPotential Trouble Source Person (Scientology)
PTSPPayment Terminal Security Program (MasterCard)
PTSPProceed-To-Select Protocol (ITU-T)
PTSPPost to See Post (forums)
PTSPPublic Telecommunications Service Provider (Ireland)
PTSPPacket-Triggered Subscribers and Policy Control (Juniper Networks, Inc.)