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The Optius optical process monitor was developed based on ULVAC's rich experience in film processing systems such as sputtering and etching systems.
We expect to sell 20 units of the Optius optical process monitor during the first year.
Spectrometers are already being used as process monitors in such logical places as in thin film deposition chambers for compact disk coatings, fiat panel displays, and optical coatings; sintering furnaces; and light-bulb production lines.
Adoption of spectrometers as process monitors has reflected the impact of several trends in technology development:
RJG is also introducing a Web-based system that integrates its eDart process monitor with real-time production monitoring, scheduling, and reporting on one system.
Introducing its first injection molding process monitor. Also showing cavity-pressure sensors and process-monitoring software.
The FullMetrics Machine Analyzer, a portable process monitor and analysis tool used for process optimization, troubleshooting, and process-capability studies, is now based on Windows XP with 32-bit programming.
* Process monitors: Futaba's Mold Monitoring System (MMS) is described as a "simple and smart" solution for cavity-pressure or melt-temperature monitoring.
The Model 7554 line of signal conditioner process monitors and controllers is designed to work with Auto-ID strain-gauge-based transducers for plug-and-play operation.
The new DMS-20LCD-4/20 Series is a family of subminiature, 4-20 mA loop-powered, 3 1/2-digit process monitors. According to the manufacturer, the monitors have the lowest loop burden (typically 90 ohms) and consequently the lowest loop drop (1.8 V) in the industry.
The occurrence criteria (see Table 1 ) can be generated using process monitored capability indexes.
They're using portable eDART process monitors from RJG Inc.
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