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PPMParts Per Million
PPMPages Per Minute
PPMPay Per Minute
PPMPounds (Mass) Per Minute
PPMProject Portfolio Management
PPMPublic Policy and Management
PPMProduct Portfolio Management
PPMPrice Per Month
PPMPrinciples of Project Management (course)
PPMProgramme and Project Management (various organizations)
PPMPlanning and Performance Management (various organizations)
PPMProject and Program Management (Army Corps of Engineers)
PPMPrivate Placement Memorandum (finance/venture capital)
PPMPersonnel Policy Manual (various organizations)
PPMPlease Please Me (Beatles album)
PPMPractical Pain Management
PPMPoints Per Minute
PPMPulse-Position Modulation
PPMPublic-Private Mix (healthcare)
PPMPulses Per Minute
PPMProject Performance Management
PPMProgram Planning and Management
PPMPerl Package Manager
PPMProcessor Power Management (computing)
PPMPlans Preparation Manual (various locations)
PPMProject Procurement Manager (various companies)
PPMPlanned Preventive Maintenance
PPMPortable People Meter (Arbitron Inc. audience measurement system)
PPMPemberantasan Penyakit Menular (Indonesian: Communicable Disease)
PPMPassport Program Manager
PPMPulse per Minute
PPMPackages per Minute
PPMPlasma Panel Monitor
PPMProgramme and Project Management
PPMPulse Position Modulation
PPMParent Partition Mapping
PPMPeak Program Meter
PPMProgrammer'S Package Manager
PPMPeriodic Preventive Maintenance
PPMProcess Performance Manager (ARIS)
PPMPoints per Match (various sports)
PPMPortable Pixel Map
PPMPost Program Monitoring (International Monetary Fund)
PPMPiecewise Parabolic Method
PPMPhysician Practice Management
PPMPersonal People Meter (electronic audience-ratings device)
PPMPrediction by Partial Matching
PPMProduct Process Management
PPMPence Per Minute
PPMProcess Performance Measure
PPMPeople's Progressive Movement
PPMPeter, Paul, & Mary
PPMPermanent Pacemaker
PPMPersonally Procured Move
PPMProject Progress Meeting
PPMPeriodic Permanent Magnet
PPMPositive Performance Management
PPMPackages Per Minute (packaging machinery specifications)
PPMPreproduction Model
PPMPeak Program Meter (ITU-T)
PPMPrecision Parts Manufacturing (Canadian-based Hungarian company)
PPMPreplanning Meeting
PPMPolicy & Procedure Manual
PPMPartido Popular Monárquico
PPMPortfolio Product Manager (various companies)
PPMProject Planning Matrix
PPMPurchase Price Multiple (mergers and acquisitions)
PPMProactive Preventive Maintenance
PPMPoint Projection Microscope
PPMPollution Prevention Manager
PPMPower Policy Manager (computing)
PPMPresidential Pet Museum (Annapolis, MD)
PPMHarlequin Print Production Manager (software)
PPMPostings Per Month (USENET)
PPMProfessional Photographers of Michigan
PPMPositive Psychology Movement
PPMPeriodic Pulse Metering
PPMPaces Per Minute (cardiology)
PPMPlate Pressing Machine
PPMPremier Portfolio Managers (UK)
PPMPath Probability Method
PPMPrinciple Period of Maintenance
PPMPervasive Performance Management
PPMPerformance Prediction Model
PPMPersekutuan Pengakap Malaysia
PPMPre-Assembled Power Module (wind turbines)
PPMPollution and Process Monitoring Ltd (UK)
PPMPasadena Pro Musica (singing group)
PPMPartial Program Manager
PPMProduction or Processing Method (environment)
PPMProgressive Phase Maintenance
PPMParamus Park Mall (Paramus, New Jersey)
PPMPart per Minute
PPMPeople Power Movement (Philippines)
PPMPacket Processor Module
PPMPulsaciones Por Minutos (Spanish: Pulses Per Minute)
PPMPartie Progressive de la Martinique (French: Martinique Progressive Party)
PPMPersonal Profile Manager (database; Avaya)
PPMPump Performance Monitoring (Lucent)
PPMPeriod of Performance and Maintenance
PPMPrimary Propulsion Manager
PPMPort Power Supply Module (Telabs)
PPMPencil Marks in Margin (philatelic imperfection)
PPMPrediction by Pattern Matching
PPMPresentation and Personalization Management
PPMProcurement Policy Memorandum
PPMPlanar Periodic Metallization
PPMPilot Production Model
PPMPersonnel & Property Manager
PPMPromina Processor Module
PPMPropulsion Plant Manual
PPMProduct Process Model (SAP)
PPMPilot Performance Measurement
PPMPIM PAM Management
PPMProgram Progress Meeting
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This analysis evaluates the usefulness of process performance measures in VBP by assessing the correlational and causal associations between process of care measures and 30-day mortality, a prominent and commonly used measure of patient outcomes.
To summarize, process performance measures may not be causally related to outcomes because the measures themselves are inappropriate proxies for outcomes, or because the process of measurement adversely impacts provider behavior.
Also, among hospitals that reported at least 10 patients for process performance measures and had at least 10 Medicare patients in 2004, 2005, and 2006, within-hospital process performance on Composite 1 in 2004 and 2006 was correlated at r = .65 for AMI, r = .77 for heart failure, and r = .68 for pneumonia.
A final limitation of the study pertains to the extent of variation in the process performance measures within hospitals over time, and the effect of this variation on the consistency and efficiency of the marginal effects in the fixed-effects models.
While correlation between process performance and mortality may support the use of process measures for public reporting (as patients may be steered toward higher quality providers), the absence of a causal relationship casts serious doubt on the validity of current process performance measures as a metric of hospital quality improvement.
These measures, called leading measures of process performance measures, are collected and analyzed on a regular basis at all levels of the organization.
In the final rule CMS will base its selection of an OPO for an open DSA on the following criteria: (1) performance on the outcome measures; (2) relative success in meeting the process performance measures; (3) success in identifying and overcoming barriers to donation in its own DSA and the relevance of those barriers to barriers in the open DSA; and contiguity to the DSA.
The rules are to rely on the outcome and process performance measures based on evidence of organ donor potential and other relevant factors, and recertification for OPOs will be required until they are promulgated;
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