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P2PPeer to Peer
P2PPerson to Person (chat)
P2PPoint to Point
P2PPay to Play
P2PPier-to-Pier (swimming)
P2PPhysical to Physical (computer migration)
P2PPeak to Peak (various locations)
P2PPower to the People
P2PPartner to Partner (networking)
P2PPolice to Police (software)
P2PPci to Pci
P2PPerson to Person
P2PPartner to Partner
P2PPeople to People
P2PPhone to Phone
P2PPartition to Partition
P2PProgrammer to Programmer
P2PPhysical to ProLiant (computing)
P2PPhenylacetone (chemistry)
P2PPath to Profitability
P2PPermission to Proceed (customs)
P2PPayed to Play (gaming)
P2PPollution Prevention Plan
P2PPath to Progress
P2PPhenyl 2 Propanol
P2PPeople to People Programs (Spokane, WA)
P2PProduct-to-Person (picking; logistics)
P2PPrepared to Preach
P2PPurchase to Pay/ment
P2PPhenyl 2 Pentanone
P2PPhenoxy 2 Propane
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The redesigned website has been released alongside an updated version of the ProcurePort e-Sourcing software that combines all steps in the procure-to-pay process, including e-RFQ (request for quote), e-Auction (reverse auction, forward auction, dutch auction, etc.
Zycus has been focused on developing a strong Procure-to-Pay solution with unmatched user experience.
NASDAQ: ADP)(ADP) on the sale of its Procure-to-Pay business to Oildex, a portfolio company of Accel-KKR.
to introduce a standard, best-practice procure-to-pay process and allow the
Because the tool was developed specifically for the procure-to-pay process, it more easily offers a high degree of granularity than do more general-purpose business intelligence (BI) tools, according to Basware.
Iqbal Bashir, the company vice president of Finance, said, 'BirchStreet's procure-to-pay platform will improve our purchasing and payables processes and drive efficiency.
The two most frequently tracked accounts payable metrics are "paid on time" and "accounts payable processing time," while in the procure-to-pay arena, the key metric is "invoices requiring rework.
Leading-edge procure-to-pay systems that nearly eliminate paper invoices and reduce the time and money needed to store, sort and mail printed invoices are on the market.
APEX Analytix, a leading provider of audit recovery services and software for performance management, error prevention and fraud detection in the procure-to-pay cycle, has launched enhanced versions of its industry leading Vendor Risk Analysis services and FirstStrike(TM) Fraud Detect software.
As an exhibitor, WMD Scandinavia will show a high-speed archive and digital solutions for folder and contract management, procure-to-pay (P2P) and order-to-cash (O2C) processes at booth 11.