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PCOPhotocatalytic Oxidation
PCOProfessional Conference Organizer
PCOPrivy Council Office (Canada, UK, Senior Government Office)
PCOPest Control Operator
PCOProgram Controlled Output
PCOPoint of Control and Observation
PCOPublic Carriage Office (licence; UK)
PCOProcurement Contracting Officer
PCOPulp Canal Obliteration (dentistry)
PCOProfessional Congress Organizer (hospitality industry)
PCOPennsylvania College of Optometry (Elkins Park, Pennsylvania)
PCOProvisional Constitutional Order
PCOPut and Call Option (agreement)
PCOPublic Call Office
PCOPosterior Capsular Opacification (ophthalmology)
PCOProject and Contracting Office (US DoD)
PCOPrimary Care Office
PCOProspective Commanding Officer
PCOPoly Cystic Ovarian (syndrome/disease)
PCOParliamentary Counsel Office (various countries)
PCOPlanning and Coordination Office (various organizations)
PCOPoste de Commandement Opérationnel (French: Operational Command Post)
PCOProcess Control Outlet (various locations)
PCOPoint of Control and Observation (TTCN)
PCOPension Commission of Ontario (Canada)
PCOPleasure Craft Operator (Canada)
PCOPrivate Cable Operator
PCOPhone Cards Online
PCOProgram Coordination Office
PCOProposed Change Order
PCOPhilharmonic Chamber Orchestra
PCOPolice Communications Officer
PCOProject Control Office
PCOProtective Order Conditions (NCIC form datum)
PCOPotential Change Order (construction management)
PCOPathology Coordinating Office (various locations)
PCOProcyanidolic Oligomer (flavonoid)
PCOPrincipal Contracting Officer
PCOPeabody Concert Orchestra (Baltimore, MD)
PCOProcuring Contract Officer
PCOPittsburgh Civic Orchestra
PCOPower Control Optimization
PCOPrimary Control Officer
PCOPeg Count and Overflow
PCOProvincial Cultural Organization
PCOPlant Control Office (Hekimian)
PCOPrimary Care Optimization
PCOPublications Control Officer
PCOProduct Coverage Outline (testing)
PCOProduct Change Order
PCOProperty Custodial Officer (US NIH)
PCOProperty Control Office (USMC)
PCOPrinting Control Officer
PCOPortsmouth Community Orchestra (Portsmouth, OH)
PCOProduction Change Order (legal document required to make changes in production of a product)
PCOPolicy and Communication Office
PCOPolice Control Office
PCOPlanned Carryover
PCOPre-Conditioned Order (Ciena)
PCOPerturbational Crystal Orbital
PCOProcedure Change Order
PCOPhysician Contracting Organization
PCOPeople Capability Office
PCOProcurement Change Order
PCOPoinciana Civic Organization
PCOPrimary Credit Officer
PCOPrincipal Controlling Officer
PCOPrerelease Change Order
PCOPaging Channel Operation
PCOProgram Contracting Office/Officer
PCOProgram Control Office/Officer
PCOPlant Control Operations (telecommunications)
PCOPurchasing Contracting Office
PCOPrivat Charter Ostsee (German: Private Charter Baltic Sea)
PCOPublic Call Outlet
PCOProgress in Combinatorial Optimization
PCOProfessional Conduct and Opportunities
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MEDICINA MATURAL- Uno de los medicamentos mas antioxidantes que se han descubierto recientemente son los procyanidolic oligomers (PCOs), con un poder 20 veces superior al de las vitaminas C y E.
The extract of vitis vinifera seed (grapeseed) is one of the highest sources of bound antioxidant proanthocyanidins called procyanidolic oligomers, or "PCOs." Research has demonstrated that PCOs from grapeseed extract have a protective and strengthening effect on the lining of artery walls by increasing enzyme conjugation (27); greater collagen fiber crosslinking (28); decreased artery wall permeability (29); increased glycoprotein and sulphated gly-cosaminoglycan synthesis (30); inhibited hyaluronan-varicosis (31); increased vascular wall strength (32); reinforced vascular connective tissue (33); reduced elastin-associated cholesterol (34); lower risk and incidence of cerebral microvessel permeability (35); and decreased proteinuria (36).
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