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The Company said volumes of disposed water would be carried to a porous and shallow formation, Central Basin Platform, which is capable of storing millions of barrels of produced water in the decades to come.
The four central gathering facilities are expected to provide oil capacity expandable up to 120 thousand barrels per day by the end of 2018, and the oil, gas and produced water gathering systems are expected to consist of approximately 180 miles of pipelines by the end of 2018.
Goodnight acquired the produced water gathering and disposal business of Black Mountain Disposal in Glasscock and Reagan Counties, as well as four water disposal facilities formerly operated by MTN Energy strategically located in Andrews, Ector, Gaines and Loving Counties.
As part of the complete process, the produced water is being cleaned using Sorbwater's innovative technology from an oil-in-water content of about 100ppm down to 1ppm oil in water.
Several prominent nations, in a united effort, have made produced water reinjection mandatory in the global petroleum industry.
About 25,000 acre-ft of produced water is used for beneficial use in the San Ardo, Cawelo, and Arvin water districts, he said.
The focus on produced water issues has grown in prominence not only because of the rising volumes of water generated by oil and gas operations, but because the industry is increasingly risk-averse and environmentally-aware.
This report estimates the produced water treatment services market in terms of value in $million.
Produced Water is a by-product of oil and gas extraction and needs special handling like any industrial waste.
The Horizontal Flotation Separator is one of the largest of its kind in the Gulf of Mexico and was built to exceed Stone Energy's produced water needs, said Josh Pellerin, chief executive officer and president, PEG.
Options for managing this wastewater includes reinjecting it into disposal wells, yet in some cases, produced water remains at the surface in evaporation ponds, where it can seep into surface water or become a dangerous attractant for migratory birds.
Nova-Plate 325 was designed for use both onshore and offshore where conventional systems cannot withstand contents that have been extracted under pressure, and at temperatures as high as 300[degrees] F (150[degrees] C) for crude oil and 210[degrees] F (99[degrees] C) for produced water.