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PROD CTRLProduction Control
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Future Development: With Centum VP as its core platform, Yokogawa continues to develop a variety of production control systems.
XRF testing can be the facility's internal production control and technique to satisfy the process monitoring requirement of the directive.
The production control umbilicals will provide hydraulic, electrical and fiber optic service to the Jack and St.
He is, therefore, well prepared for his new tasks dealing with production control, manufacture and technology development.
office portion of the expansion houses the design and engineering department, purchasing and production control departments, as well as the offices for the production and materials directors.
ifm efector introduced its efector dualis object sensor for object recognition and evaluation in production control. Objects are reliably detected and evaluated--regardless of orientation--with the sensor's 640 X 640 CMOS image processor.
He then makes a determination of what functional department head within the organization should have responsibility for the issue (e.g., Purchasing, Quality, Production Control).
John, who lives in Leamington, said: 'We wanted to devise a system that would help us to improve costing and production control.
This study investigates how value recovery and production control are affected by the measurement techniques used in bucking and log sorting.
Keeping tabs on production at Komatsu UK has become the responsibility of Bill Plender, who has been promoted to senior manager of production control and planning.
He has worked at Stellar the past two summers in production control and as a CNC programmer.
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