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At Weightmans, profits per equity partner are also up to approximately pounds 185,000.
Average profits per equity partner - Hammonds has 74 out of a total partnership of 185 - increased by 23 per cent from pounds 328,000 to pounds 404,000 while net debt was down 65 per cent.
The Lawyer's `Euro 100 2003' is a financial survey, which ranks the top 100 European law firms according to a number of indicators including European turnover, European revenue per lawyer, European revenue per partner, number of partners, number of lawyers and the global profits per equity partner.
Evershed posted profits per equity partner up 20 per cent to pounds 502,000.
Profits per equity partner are up 20 per cent to pounds 502,000.
Profits per equity partner also rose significantly, from pounds 400,000 last year to pounds 460,000 in 2006/07, a 15 per cent uplift.
Of top Birmingham-linked firms DLA Piper was sixth with a turnover of pounds 366.7 million, up 16 per cent, with profits of pounds 81.7 million, and profits per equity partner of pounds 605,000, up 13 per cent.
Sue Lewis, senior partner at Eversheds in Birmingham, said: "These are exciting times for our firm and having worked hard to strengthen our business base by improving our profitability and achieving our target profits per equity partner in excess of pounds 400,000, we are now ready to implement strategic growth plans.
Profit before tax came in 72 per cent up at pounds 30.6 million and profits per equity partner jumped 61 per cent to pounds 328,000.
It has profits per equity partner of pounds 350,000.
Profits per equity partner come out at pounds 316,000 - the firm has 19 equity partners.
Average profits per equity partner rose by more than 40 per cent to over pounds 200,000 in the year to March 31.