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PSTPacific Standard Time (GMT-0800)
PSTPersonal Folder Storage (file extension; Microsoft Outlook)
PSTProvincial Sales Tax
PSTProblem Solving Test (McKinsey)
PSTPellston (Amtrak station code; Pellston, MI)
PSTPetroleum Storage Tank
PSTPersonal Storage Table (Microsoft)
PSTParti Suisse du Travail (Swiss: Swiss Labor Party)
PSTPinhole Surgical Technique (dentistry)
PSTPocket Survival Tool
PSTPersonal Folders Template
PSTPartition Specification Table
PSTPersonal Folder Storage
PSTProject Support Team
PSTPage Creator Script
PSTPerformance Suspension Technology
PSTPacific Standard Time
PSTProxy Store
PSTProgressive Scan Technology
PSTPreset File
PSTPro Stock Truck (racing)
PSTPro Soccer Talk (National Broadcasting Company)
PSTPrimary, Secondary and Tertiary
PSTPersonal Solar Telescope (Hydrogen Alpha Telescope, Coronado filters)
PSTPass Time
PSTPre-Service Teacher
PSTPlanescape Torment (gaming)
PSTPrimary State (DSC)
PSTPressure Sensitive Tape
PSTPre-Service Training
PSTPacket Switching Technology (digital networking communications)
PSTPlease Send Tell (game)
PSTPakistan Standard Time (GMT+0500)
PSTPersonal Survival Techniques (STCW course)
PSTPatient Safety Team (various organizations)
PSTProgramme Support Team (various locations)
PSTPlayer Support Team (tennis)
PSTPulsed Signal Therapy
PSTPotassium Sensitivity Test
PSTPupil Services Team (various locations)
PSTProduct Support Tool
PSTPhysical Screening Test (US Navy)
PSTProcessing State
PSTProduct Support Team
PSTPsychosexual Therapy
PSTPhotoshop Tennis
PSTProblem Solving Technique
PSTPlan Santé Travail
PSTPartido Socialista de Timor (Socialist Party of Timor, East Timor)
PSTLead Scandium Tantalate
PSTPre-Structured Technology (Open Software Foundation)
PSTPlum Street Temple (Cincinnati, OH)
PSTPublic Safety Telecommunicator
PSTPhoenix Sports Ticket (sports handicapping)
PSTPacific Strike Team (US Coast Guard)
PSTPhase Shifting Transformer
PSTPersonal Information Store (Microsoft Office)
PSTProgram Steering Team
PSTPhilippine Standard Time (time zone; aka Philippine Time; also seen as PHT)
PSTPolice Service Technician
PSTPlasma Separator Tube
PSTProfessional Studies and Training
PSTPupil Support Teacher (UK)
PSTPolitiets Sikkerhets Tjeneste (Norway)
PSTPagan Standard Time
PSTPhiladelphia Suburban Transportation
PSTPôle Scientifique et Technologique (French: Science and Technology Center; various locations)
PSTProject Support Team, Inc.
PSTPublic Sector Team
PSTPrinceton Summer Theater (New Jersey)
PSTPerfect Square Trinomial
PSTPrimary Settling Tank (wastewater treatment)
PSTPortuguese Summer Time
PSTPost Stall Technology
PSTPuget Sound Technology
PSTPublic Service Trust (UK)
PSTPortland Sunday Telegram
PSTPrimordial Soup Theory (evolution)
PSTPastor Search Team
PSTPetroleum Software Technologies
PSTPoint Source Transmission
PSTPolice Search Team (UK)
PSTPassport Support Tool (Microsoft)
PSTPattern Suggestion Table
PSTProcess Systems Team
PSTPlanetary Spectroscopy Telescope
PSTPIID (Practice Implementation Indicator Description) and SCAMPI (Standard CMMI Assessment Method for Process Improvement)
PSTPrint Simulation Tester
PSTPriority Selection Table
PSTPhysical Simulation Team
PSTPositive Smoke Test
PSTPartial Sciatic Transection
PSTPrescribed Sea Time (Navy)
PSTPurdue School of Technology
PSTPublic Service Technician
PSTPersonnel Subsystem Team
PSTPrototype System Test
PSTPrimary Search Tonal
PSTPaired Select Ternary
PSTProduction Surveillance Test
PSTProtective System Technologies (NIJ)
PSTProduct Segment Team
PSTProcessing Services and Technology
PSTPreliminary Service Testing
PSTPilot Symbol Transmission
PSTPension and Savings Trust
PSTPower School of Technology (Philippines)
PSTPromoter-Proximal Sequence Tag
PSTProduction Screen Test (drilling mud conditioning)
PSTPolymeric Stabilization
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* 1280 x 720 pixel resolution/30 FPS (720p) using progressive scan technology
Features include an ergonomically designed camera head for improved comfort, ShockFlex[TM] prism mounting, electronic zoom and progressive scan technology for high definition image quality.
AXIS P33 Series uses progressive scan technology, providing superb video quality in 30 frames per second, in full resolution.
Using progressive scan technology, the camera provides HDTV images of moving objects without motion blur.
The RC60HO RapidFire Convert High Output IR from Reconyx includes all the same technological features of its predecessor, the RC60, however the nighttime infrared flash range has been increased to 50 feet and they've added their new High Definition imaging format; full 1080P Widescreen High Definition with Progressive Scan Technology. The new RC60HO still features Covert no-red-glow feature to keep animals from spooking and also RapidFire NearVideo technology that captures 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 images as quickly as one per second.
Compact and discreet, it uses progressive scan technology and advanced image processing to deliver crisp digital images of moving objects, even in low light.
The units also feature progressive scan technology for high-quality DVD video playback.
The new RCA DVD lineup, with features such as Digital Photoview, DCDi progressive scan technology, and exclusive mp3PRO audio decoding, delivers convenience and performance advantages," he added.
Progressive scan technology displays all of the lines (whether 1080 or 720) in a single pass, which provides a crisper, smoother image--especially for motion-intensive applications like surgery.
They include automatic day and night functionality, 128x wide dynamic range, progressive scan technology, and a powerful 35x optical and 12x digital zoom with autofocus.
The 370 camera head also incorporates a new technology called Progressive Scan Technology, which can improve image quality beyond that of conventional camera heads.
Progressive scan technology provides a superior level of performance in how it displays images.
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