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P25Project 25 (encryption standard)
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PCTEL's narrow band public safety testing capabilities are also useful for design and coverage verification for Project 25 (P25) and TETRA networks worldwide.
The new radio system is based upon Project 25 technology standards and Harris' VIDA network.
Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice, presents Wisconsin State Patrol Tests New Path to Radio Interoperability, which highlights a strategy for adopting the Project 25 radio interoperability standards.
A Former student who asked my advice on his A-level art project 25 years ago has made it big in Hollywood.
The APCO Project 25 (P25) digital public safety radio communication network, along with command and control centres, will now serve the entire province of Ontario as a component of the new Central Region Operation Communication System.
The new radio "provides all modes standardized for public safety use including Project 25 conventional and trunked and legacy analog.
This will be the first Project 25 trunked radio system in Maryland;' says Jackie Wasni, Motorola Communications & Electronics vice president.
Gardens of Cornwall and the Eden Project 25 August 4 days pounds 179Includes: .
The agreement enables IFR Systems to provide test equipment for this wide range of systems and to develop and implement SmartNet and SmartZone protocols in its next-generation test solutions for digital Project 25 systems.
Tenders are invited for installation of an 800 megahertz (mhz) project 25 (p25) phase 1 trunked radio system to replace its legacy smart zone 4.
Its product line includes a broad range of digital two-way radios compliant with APCO Project 25 specifications, under BK Radio and RELM brand names.