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PROMETHEUSProgram for European Traffic with Highest Efficiency and Unprecedented Safety
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As part of the NIH grant, Prometheus Research is also developing a set of adapters to translate instrument configurations between RIOS and the formats used by other popular EDC systems: Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap), Qualtrics, and Prometheus' RexEntry and RexSurvey applications.
Through this program, Prometheus is able to securely dispose of used IT equipment including servers, multi-function print devices, fax machines, scanners, desktop and laptop computers, monitors, mobile devices, and more collected from individual property sites and corporate headquarters.
Our goal with the Prometheus Project is to turn our world-class research capacity into jobs and growth for the people of British Columbia, said Neil Branda, Canada Research Chair in Materials Science at Simon Fraser University and leader of the Prometheus Project.
Prometheus Awakes is a collaboration between master story tellers Graeae, a British company which champions accessibility, and Catalan street theatre supremos La Fura dels Baus.
Prometheus Labs is the exclusive licensee of two patents covering methods for determining patient-specific dosing for thiopurine drugs to treat autoimmune diseases such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.
Prometheus Research's domain expertise in autism and related disorders makes it an ideal partner for the Georgia Tech team.
PROMETHEUS Thiopurine Metabolites helps keep patients' drug metabolite levels within an optimal therapeutic range, thereby increasing the probability of a positive response and potentially reducing the need for other medications.
Lucian of Samosata, To One Who Said, 'You're a Prometheus in Words' (1)
NASA is in the process of establishing initial justification for its investment in the Prometheus 1 project but faces challenges establishing preliminary requirements and developing accurate cost estimates.
The nearly 2-hour sequence of 44 pictures shows Prometheus pulling particles from the F ring while appearing connected to the ring by a faint streak of material.
Prometheus is a leading course-management system developed at GW and adopted by 65 postsecondary institutions.
For more information, call Prometheus Radio Project at (215) 476-2385, or visit its web site at www.