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PROMTPredicasts Overview of Markets and Technology
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Google Translate is the engine that produces fewer errors (69), followed by Bing (78) and Promt (82).
Si j'avois ete [36] mains promt, je ne me serois pas brule.
Subscription-only database resources include among others, FSTA- Food Science and Technology Abstracts[R], Embase, Medline, BIOSIS Previews, Datamonitor and Gale Promt.
Customers can search more than 425 million images in the following InfoTrac Web products: Academic ASAP and Backfile, Business and Company ASAP and Backfile, Business and Company Profile Intl and Backfile, Computer Database, Contemporary Authors, Contemporary Literary Criticism, Canadian Periodical Index, European Business ASAP, Expanded Academic ASAP and Backfile, General Academic ASAP, General BusinessFile ASAP and Backfile, General BusinessFile Intl and Backfile, General Reference Center and Backfile, General Reference Center Gold and Backfile, Health Reference Center Academic, Informe, InfoTrac OneFile, InfoTrac Junior Edition, National Newspaper Index, Newsletters ASAP, PROMT, InfoTrac Student Edition, and The Times Digital Archive.
14, 1995, available in LEXIS, Market Library, PROMT File; Vladimir Mikheyev, Russian Market Should Have No Place for "Pirates," CURRENT DIG.
* Promt considerashan ahn resalushan ahf rezedent complaints by ownas ahn manigahs.
1, 1996, available in LEXIS, Market Library, Promt File.
Current Rating 1-30 31-60 61-90 OVER 90 $100M PROMT $100M SLOW30 $100M SLOW60 $75M $25M PPT-SLOW30 $75M $15M $10M PPT-SLOW60 $60M $25M $15M SLOW30-60 $60M $15M $25M SLOW60-90 Bank references are also suspect.
To locate information on Scottish & Newcastle and the market for beer, the Predicasts Promt PTMA database on Datastar can be accessed to locate the following records:
Others provide an abstract summarizing the contents of the original publication with the main conclusions and supporting data, for instance ABI/Inform, BIS Infomat, Delphes and Predicasts Promt. An increasing number of databases include the full text of the source documents, for example Frost & Sullivan Market Reports, Financial Times and Textline.
What can be confusing is that some popular data bases -- such as PROMT which offers product research and marketing technology data -- are offered through a variety of gateways and vendors.