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PQParque (Portuguese: park; postal usage)
PQPourquoi (French: why)
PQParty Quest (online games)
PQProvince of Quebec
PQProcess and Quality
PQParti Québécois (provincial political party, Quebec)
PQProduct Quality
PQPicture Quality (video, tuner, television)
PQPerformance Qualification
PQProductivity and Quality
PQPriority Queue
PQPolice Quest (gaming)
PQPhu Quoc Island (Vietnam)
PQPerceptual Quantizer (high dynamic range TVs)
PQPriority Queuing (TCP/IP)
PQPort Qasim (Karachi, Pakistan)
PQPer Quarter
PQProcess Qualification
PQPlanetQuake (gaming)
PQPersonal Question
PQPhysical Intelligence
PQParliamentary Question
PQPosition Quality (US DoD)
PQPlanet Quest
PQPast Quarter
PQPhysically Qualified
PQParent Questionnaire
PQProgress Quest
PQPronator Quadratus
PQPlan Qualité (French: Quality Plan)
PQPro Querente (Latin: For or on Behalf of Plaintiff)
PQPapier Quadrille (French: Graph Paper)
PQPilot Qualified
PQPerceptual Quotient
PQPartly Qualified
PQPermeability Quotient
PQPressure Quantity
PQProvence of Quebec
PQPenasco Quemado Zone
PQPruned Quadtree
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We used a four-channel EMG device (ME3000P8 muscle tester, Mega Electronics Ltd, Finland) for recording simultaneously four muscle groups; extensor carpi radialis, palmaris longus, pronator quadratus, flexor digitorum superficialis.
The use of low-profile volar plate, correct screw length along with repair of the pronator quadratus to brachiradialis aponeurosis lowers the incidence of late frictional tear of the flexor as well as the extensor tendons.
For dissection of the graft, we began with an incision in the fascia and the distal part of the pronator quadratus which allows a suitable exposure of the distal aspect of the radius.
The pronator quadratus was vestigial and therefore this muscle appears to represent a distal deep flexor--pronator muscle.
A complete AINS would be from Type III relationship where the whole nerve passes posteriorly underneath the belly causing weakness in the FPL, FDP of the index and middle fingers, and the pronator quadratus muscles.
Pronator quadratus muscle was used at the time of closure, to cover, in part, the implants that were applied to the anterior surface of the radius.
As no parathesia or other nerve symptoms were reported and the neurological assessment was unremarkable, cubital tunnel syndrome, pronator quadratus syndrome and anterior interosseous nerve entrapment were ruled out.
SUMMARY: The pronator quadratus is the main muscle responsible for pronation of forearm, helped by the pronator teres.
13 Stability of the distal radio ulnar joint is provided by the joint surface morphology, the joint capsule, the dorsal and palmar radio ulnar ligaments, the interosseous membrane, and the musculotendinous units, primarily the extensor carpi ulnaris and pronator quadratus.
The effects of pronator quadratus repair on outcomes after volar plating of distal radius fractures.
SUMMARY: The pronator quadratus is the principal muscle responsible for pronation of forearm, helped by the pronator teres.
It arises from the anterior surface of the radius extending from below its tuberosity to the upper attachment of pronator quadratus and also from the adjacent interosseous membrane.