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PDAPersonal Digital Assistant (electronic handheld information device)
PDAPublic Display of Affection
PDAPersonal Data Assistant
PDAProgressive Democrats of America
PDAPennsylvania Dental Association
PDAPatent Ductus Arteriosus
PDAPregnancy Discrimination Act
PDAPlace des Arts (Montreal cultural centre)
PDAPinoy Dream Academy (TV show)
PDAPayday Advance Loan
PDAPathological Demand Avoidance (Syndrome)
PDAPolo Democratico Alternativo (Spanish: Alternative Democratic Pole; Colombia)
PDAParenteral Drug Association (now the International Association for Pharmaceutical Science and Technology)
PDAPancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma (cancer)
PDAPotato Dextrose Agar
PDAProperty Damage Appraisers (various locations)
PDAProcess Data Acquisition
PDAPresbyterian Disaster Assistance (religious aid)
PDAPanic Disorder with Agoraphobia
PDAPriority Development Area
PDAPlayers Development Academy (sports; various locations)
PDAPatron-Driven Acquisition (e-book purchasing model; libraries)
PDAProfessional Development Awards (various organizations)
PDAPartito d'Azione (Italian political party)
PDAPublic Display Authority (UK)
PDAProject on Defense Alternatives (Cambridge, MA)
PDAPersonal Digital Assistant
PDAPartial Dial Abandon
PDAPersonal Delivery Assistant
PDAPort Deactivation
PDAParameter Data Assembler
PDAPublic Display Assistant
PDAPhased Disassembly Array
PDAPartei Der Arbeit (Suisse Socialist Party)
PDAPennsylvania Department of Agriculture
PDAProfessional Development Activity (various organizations)
PDAProfessional Development Academy (various locations)
PDAPainting and Decorating Association (Warwickshire, UK)
PDAPreliminary Damage Assessment (American Red Cross; aka Windshield Survey)
PDAPolicy Development and Advocacy (various organizations)
PDAPortable Digital Assistant
PDAProtected Disclosures Act (New Zealand)
PDAPile Driving Analyzer
PDAPhoto-Diode Array
PDAPosterior Descending Artery
PDAProfessional Development Assignment (higher education)
PDAPast Doctor Adventure (Doctor Who novel)
PDAPhase Doppler Anemometry
PDAPublic Disclosure Act (various locations)
PDAProduct Development Associates (various locations)
PDAPush-Down Automata (theory of computation)
PDAPersistent Ductus Arteriosus (cardiology)
PDAPrivate Detective Agency (various locations)
PDAPretty Damn Amazing
PDAProgram for Deaf Adults (New York)
PDAPublic Development Authority
PDAPhilippine Dental Association
PDAProject Development Agreement
PDAPersonal Development Activity
PDAProbabilistic Data Association (algorithm for detecting radar target in clutter)
PDAPublic Defender Agency (Alaska)
PDAProbabilistic Data Association
PDAProforma Disbursement Account (shipping)
PDAPhysical Disability Agency
PDAProduction Data Acquisition
PDAPayroll Deduction Authorization (various organizations)
PDAPartial Discharge Analyzer (various companies)
PDAPower Distribution Assembly (Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Armies)
PDAPole Dance America
PDAProgressive Democratic Alliance (British Columbia)
PDAProperty Damage Accident
PDAPopulation & Community Development Association
PDAPeople's Democratic Alliance (Sierra Leone)
PDAProduction Design Associates
PDAPueblo Depot Activity (US Army)
PDAParental Discretion Advised
PDAPersonal Data Access
PDAPersonal Database Application
PDAPositive Deviance Approach (behavioral health)
PDAPersonal Display of Affection
PDAPitch Detection Algorithm (digital recording)
PDAProfessional Development Alliance
PDAPotash Development Association (York, UK)
PDAPreference Disaggregation Approach (decision theory)
PDAPersonal Deposit Account
PDAProstate Ductal Adenocarcinoma (rare form of prostate cancer)
PDAProfessional Detective Agency (various locations)
PDAPropane Deasphalting
PDAPhotonic Design Automation
PDAPercent Defective Allowable
PDAPsychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory (US FDA)
PDAProduction Data Area
PDAPremature Descent Alert (FAA TAWS)
PDAPersonal Digital Aide (electronic memo pad)
PDAProject on Death in America
PDAParameter Data Area
PDAPhysical Device Address
PDAPretty Damn Arrogant
PDAPhysical Display of Affection
PDAPredetermined Attendance (UK Fire Service)
PDAPrivate Display of Affection
PDAPersonal Delivery Assistant (gaming)
PDAPost-Deflection Acceleration
PDAPost-Delivery Availability
PDAPotential Development Area
PDAPreliminary Design Approval
PDAPhysical Disability Appeal
PDAPrivate Doctors of Australia
PDAPerry Davis Associates
PDAPercentage of Defectives Allowable
PDAPacket Downlink Assignment (GPRS)
PDAPredetermined Arc
PDAPhase Doppler Analysis
PDAPreliminary Design Audit
PDAPreventive Dental Assistant
PDAProgram Decision Authority
PDAPlanning and Decision Aid
PDAPhoton Detector Assembly
PDAPhased Disassembly Array (Homework-PC game)
PDAPressurized Docking Adapter
PDAPreliminary Design Assessment
PDAPhillips, DiPisa and Associates
PDAPreliminary Design Acceptance
PDAProperty Disposal Agent
PDAProcurement Defense Agency
PDAPrivate Detectives Association (Massachusetts and New Jersey)
PDAProfessional Decorative Artisans (Florida)
PDAProbability Decision Analysis
PDAPackaging and Design Association, Europe
PDAPerdiemazing (TDY) system
PDAProgrammable Device Array
PDAPrincipal Development Activity/Agency
PDAPrimary Docking Adapter (International Space Station)
PDAProperty Disposal Account
PDAPost-Detection Amplifier
PDAProcedure Departure Authorization
PDAPrioritized Defended Asset
PDAPolish Diabetes Association
PDAParticipant-Directed Retirement Account
PDAPhysical Demand Assessment
PDAPublic Disturbance Agency (gaming)
PDAPeriod-Doubling Analysis
PDAPrincipal Design Activity
PDAPortfolio Design Analysis
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The ratio of injury to property damage accident rates before (2.55/0.85 or 3.0) is about 200 percent higher than the same ratio after (0.38/0.37 or 1.0).
Richard Rondeau, 46, of 42 Lewis St., Worcester, charged with negligent driving, guilty, fined $300, 1 year probation; driving with a suspended license, guilty, 1 year probation, concurrent; leaving the scene of a property damage accident, guilty, 1 year probation, concurrent.
15, Worcester, charged with speeding; leaving the scene of a property damage accident, continued to Sept.
No one expects to see the spiritual head of the diocese appearing as a defendant in a courtroom, entering a plea of not guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol and leaving the scene of a property damage accident.
He was charged with operating without a license, failure to stop for the police, speeding, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, leaving the scene of a property damage accident and reckless operation of a motor vehicle.
He subsequently was charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, leaving the scene of a property damage accident, failure to stop for a stop sign and failure to stop for police.
Longwell, 35, of 34 Church St., Oxford, charged with leaving the scene of a property damage accident, continued without a finding for 6 months and assessed $200 in court costs and a $50 victim-witness fee; a marked lanes violation, found not responsible.
McKeage, who was charged with drunken driving and leaving the scene of a property damage accident, is scheduled to be arraigned next week in Uxbridge District Court.
The driver, John Sousa, 22, of 216 Peter Salem Road, Leicester, was charged with drunken driving, negligent driving, leaving the scene of a property damage accident and failure to stay in marked lanes.
Dilling, 21, of 176 Chace Hill Road, Sterling, was arrested and charged with drunken driving, a marked lanes violation and leaving the scene of a property damage accident.
Dilling, 21, of 176 Chace Hill Road, Sterling, was arrested and charged with drunken driving, a marked lanes violation, and leaving the scene of a property damage accident.
Foster, 21, 858 Main St., Holden, charged with leaving the scene of a property damage accident and a miscellaneous motor vehicle ordinance violation, continued to Feb.
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