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PTTPostal Telegraph and Telephone
PTTPublic Telephone & Telegraph
PTTPush-To-Talk (radio tranceivers)
PTTPartial Thromboplastin Time (test)
PTTPresidential Transition Team (various locations)
PTTPost Telephone and Telegraph
PTTProtocol Task Team
PTTPush to Talk
PTTPostal Telephone and Telegraph
PTTPart of Title
PTTPress to Transmit
PTTPetroleum Authority of Thailand (Bangkok, Thailand)
PTTProperty Transfer Tax
PTTPower Trim/Tilt (engines)
PTTPart Task Trainer
PTTPosterior Tibial Tendon
PTTPolice Transition Team
PTTPosta Telgraf Ve Telefon (Turkey)
PTTPonto de Troca de Tráfego (Portuguese: Internet Exchange Point)
PTTPlatform Transmitter Terminal
PTTPoly(Trimethylene Terephthalate) (chemical thermoplastic polymer)
PTTProgramming Tools and Techniques
PTTProfessional Technology Temple (Taiwan BBS)
PTTpermit to transfer (shipping)
PTTMinistry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone (Iran)
PTTPoker Team Ticket (tournament)
PTTPetits Travailleurs Tranquiles (French: Small Quiet Workers)
PTTPijama Terlik Televizyon (Turkish)
PTTPoste, Téléphone et Télécommunications (French Post Office)
PTTProfessional Technical Trainer
PTTPart-Time Teaching
PTTProtocol Test Tool
PTTProject Tracking Tool
PTTPhysical Training Test
PTTPresidential Technology Team
PTTProviders of Telecommunications Training
PTTPrecision Pressure Transducer
PTTPlotting Team Trainer
PTTProgram Technical Training
PTTPersonnel Transition Team
PTTPittsburg Tank & Tower Company Inc.
PTTPejabat Telekom Tempatan
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Property and business taxes more than offset softness in budgeted hotel and real property transfer taxes.
* Property transfer tax on homes valued at $3 million or more will increase from 3% to 5% for the portion over $3 million.
BMR has also already paid the property transfer tax amounting to 10% of the aggregate consideration.
"The Algerian Government supports foreign investment and offers incentives in the form of tax advantages, such as reduced custom duty rates on imports, value-added tax exemptions on goods and services and exemption from property transfer tax," said Al Sorayai.
The real estate holding company concept was created in 1997 in order to close a perceived loophole in the real property transfer tax. At that time, a person could contribute real property to a corporation in exchange for stock--a transaction that did not generate any real estate transfer tax.
Allow for around seven per cent property transfer tax and around one to two per cent in legal fees.
A new Spanish property will attract VAT at 7pc and a resale one 6pc in property transfer tax.
If a UK citizen with property in Portugal dies, his estate can be subject to property transfer tax when it passes to the beneficiaries, and Portuguese gift and inheritance tax, as well as the possibility of inheritance tax in this country.
As B.C.s real estate market continues to moderate, the Province forecasts that property transfer tax revenues will decline by an additional $150 million.
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