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ProplydProto Planetary Disk (astrophysicist C. Robert O'Dell of Rice University)
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Arthur, "Hydrodynamic simulations of proplyd bow shocks," Astrophysical Journal Letters, vol.
The Huygens region is also well known for containing hundreds of proplyds [25].
Certainly, Orion proplyds are unique targets to investigate the metallicity content and its role in the evolution of circumstellar disks.
The chemical composition of Orion proplyds has, however, remained unknown for a long time.
The spectroscopical analysis of proplyds is without any doubt a challenging task (see [62, 65]).
Currently, under the previous considerations, physical and chemical properties have been so far studied in three Orion proplyds: LV2 (167-317), HST1 (177-341), and HST10 (182-413).
A global analysis of the results found in the three proplyds lead us to reach three conclusions that should be considered in future works in relation to the calculations of physical and chemical properties.