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PSOLPositive Sample Only Learning (algorithm)
PSOLProgram on Social and Organizational Learning (School of Public Policy; George Mason Univeristy; Fairfax, VA)
PSOLPet Supplies on Line (est. 1997; Australia)
PSOLProbability Statistics Object Library (various universities)
PSOLProportional Solenoid
PSOLParty for Socialism and Liberation (political group; Brazil)
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Limited Tenders are invited for Proportional Solenoid Set Consisting Of 2 Numbers In Each Set For Control Module Of A4vg 250 Ep2 D1 Pump
The proportional solenoid and the mechanical feedback open a new dimension of comfort for the machine operator.
The Norgren system includes a new proportional solenoid valve and a diaphragm actuator.
The proportional solenoid force is balanced against the force generated by a spring compressed by a cam follower.
In an effort to provide users with the ability to eliminate guesswork during set-up, Lynch Electronics has developed a new valve driver designed to control any open loop proportional solenoid valve.
The circuit accepts one or two, low power, control signals and outputs a high power current to drive proportional solenoid valves.
When considering a proportional solenoid for a diesel fuel pump, there are very demanding design requirements not common to standard "off the shelf" solenoids.
It requires inputs from the shift lever, inch pedal, transmission system pressure, oil temperature, and speed sensors, as well as the status of the electrohydraulic proportional solenoid valves.
The Soft Shift Driver provides a time delay for the soft start of directional, flow, and pressure control proportional solenoid valves.
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