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A discussion page for the proposed deletion of Bakhtawar's Wikipedia page explains why the page was deleted.
The Corpus Juris, a website featuring legal resources, said in its Twitter post that the proposed deletion 'stood out from the rest' of the numerous contentious amendments floated during a Tuesday committee hearing.
EPA proposed this action and held a public comment period on the proposed deletion, which ended Aug.
However, it is the proposed deletion of arts grants to organisations which I would like to focus on.
The MP's words were backed by Roger Higgins, chairman of Hexham Civic Society, which is opposing the proposed deletion there.
The public is encouraged to comment on the proposed deletion of the site through April 4, 2014.
The proposed deletion of Section 52( 1)( b)( ii) also seriously prejudices news broadcasters since the entire Section 52 is part of the exceptions to infringement of broadcast reproduction right under Section 39( c) of the original Act.
Hugh Tomlinson QC, who won a High Court action for MPs' expenses to be published under Freedom of Information laws - minus protected data such as names, addresses and bank account details - told us the proposed deletion of much more information than that would breach of court orders.
In the case that the TSP deletes information submitted by a sender, the TSP's liability to the sender generally is limited if it is reasonable to assume that third party rights have been infringed upon, or the TSP conveys to the sender a request from the third party that the information be deleted, and the TSP does not receive from the sender within seven days a response contesting the proposed deletion.
The process did not move,'' he said, referring to the proposed deletion of a portion of the Southeast Asia Nuclear Weapons Free Zone (SEANWFZ) treaty protocol that bans nuclear powers from using or threatening to use force in the area.
If ALIAC deletes a fund and a plan fiduciary rejects the proposed deletion or substitution of a fund, ALIAC is not authorized to make the proposed deletion or substitution effective with respect to that particular plan.
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