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PHRPProtecting Human Research Participants (US NIH tutorial)
PHRPPartnership for Human Research Protection
PHRPPentland Hills Regional Park (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
PHRPPressure/Heart Rate Product (cardiology)
PHRPPlatinum Horizon RolePlay
PHRPPeace Building Heating and Reconciliation Program
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The review aims to give an account of the impacts of and challenges pertaining to the legislation, governance and regulations that are aimed at protecting human research participants in the research process.
The historical background that gave birth to standards in ethics is initially addressed through student participation in Protecting Human Research Participants, a certificate program available through the NIH Office of External Research (NIH 2011).
Most importantly, a 97 percent success rate was achieved by students who completed the NIH Protecting Human Research Participants certificate program.
Institute of Medicine Committee on Assessing the System for Protecting Human Research Participants.
Yale University School of Medicine, in which Fost wrote, "There are increasing concerns that the system is overregulated, with more time and expense devoted to activities of marginal utility in protecting human research participants.
The IOM is now conducting a more comprehensive assessment of the overall system for protecting human research participants, with a report expected in 2002.