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API is pleased that the EPAs new rule continues to support a rigorous, consistent and transparent process for Section 401 water quality certifications, and maintains the vital role that states play in protecting water quality within their borders.
The Environment Agency is responsible for protecting water quality and closely monitors bathing water quality by testing the seawater every week during the bathing season operating between May and September.
Baltimore County Executive Don Mohler and 6th District Councilwoman Cathy Bevins announced Tuesday the county's plans to preserve a significant parcel of environmentally sensitive land in Middle River to prevent development, thereby protecting water quality for local waterways and the Chesapeake Bay.
But the thing about protecting the forest is that we're protecting water quality for human and wildlife use; we're protecting large blocks of forestland; we're protecting wildlife habitat; we're protecting agricultural land and lands that are important in communities.
This grant provides a foundation for the development of new technologies to improve the sustainability of our energy and water systems by protecting water quality while using the minimum required energy, said professor Dave Lampert, the lead investigator for the project.
The partnership aims to encourage public access and recreation, while protecting water quality and wildlife for future generations.
In deference to protecting water quality, no retardant has been used to fight the fire, officials said.
By taking these actions, EPA is demonstrating a strong commitment to protecting water quality for the citizens of eastern Kentucky, said EPA Regional Administrator Heather McTeer Toney.
The legal settlement with Atlantic Funding will reduce stormwater runoff, protecting water quality in the Erie Canal," notes EPA Regional Administrator Judith Enck.
"The professionals operating these wastewater treatment plants, as well as the municipalities and the state environmental agencies that support them, are essential to keeping our environment healthy by protecting water quality. I am proud to give them the credit they deserve," said Curt Spalding, regional administrator of EPA's New England Office.
Aside from protecting water quality in one of the world's most beloved national parks, this victory will protect America's food supply, the water supply for millions of people, and habitat for millions of birds downstream from the Grand Canyon.
Commit to conserving water, planting native species, removing invasive plants, reducing pesticide use, protecting water quality, and keeping birds safe in your yard.
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