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PEPPost Exposure Prophylaxis
PEPPepsico Inc (stock symbol)
PEPPME (Professional Military Education) Exchange Program
PEPProgram Evaluation and Planning (education)
PEPPhysical Education Primary (various locations)
PEPPython Enhancement Proposal
PEPPersonal Education Plan
PEPPoverty and Economic Policy
PEPPersonal Emergency Preparedness (classes)
PEPPediatric Epilepsy Project (charity)
PEPPositive Expiratory Pressure (respiratory medicine)
PEPPan European Programme (various organizations)
PEPProvincial Emergency Program (British Columbia)
PEPPeer Education Program (various locations)
PEPProtocol Extension Protocol
PEPPlatform Event Paging
PEPPersonal Exchange Program
PEPPacketised Ensemble Protocol
PEPPerformance Enhancement Proxy
PEPProgram Entry Procedure
PEPPorsche Experimental Prototype
PEPProgram Error Program
PEPPolitics, Economics and Philosophy (various schools)
PEPPeak Envelope Power
PEPPolicy Enforcement Point
PEPProfits per Equity Partner (success measure)
PEPPartnership Education Program (various locations)
PEPPsychoanalytic Electronic Publishing
PEPPublic Engagement Programme (various locations)
PEPPersonal Equity Plan (UK)
PEPProfessional Engineering Publishing (research journal)
PEPPolitically Exposed Person(s)
PEPPrepositioned Equipment Program (US DHS)
PEPPacketized Ensemble Protocol
PEPPemex Exploration and Production (Mexico)
PEPPsychoeducational Profile
PEPProject Execution Plan
PEPPrevention Education Programme (various locations)
PEPPacket Exchange Protocol
PEPPacific Event Productions (Event Management Company; various locations)
PEPProtein Electrophoresis (laboratory test)
PEPPersonal Empowerment Program
PEPParents Encouraging Parents
PEPPositive Education Program (Ohio)
PEPPerformance Evaluation Program
PEPPostgraduate Education Program (various organizations)
PEPPrimary Entry Point
PEPProfessional Education Programme (various schools)
PEPPulsed Energy Projectile
PEPPerformance Enhancement Program
PEPPolynomial Eigenvalue Problem (mathematics)
PEPPersonnel Exchange Program
PEPPerformance Enhancement Proxy (TCP)
PEPPoverty and Environment Program (Asian Development Bank)
PEPProfessional Enhancement Program
PEPPersonal Effects Protection
PEPPeople's Empowerment Party (Trinidad and Tobago)
PEPPerformance Evaluation Profile (various organizations)
PEPPlanning Education Program (various locations)
PEPParticipatory Evaluation Process (various organizations)
PEPProfessional Excellence Program (various organizations)
PEPPre-Employment Preparation
PEPPostpartum Education for Parents
PEPPeace Economy Project (St. Louis, MO)
PEPPre-Accession Economic Program (EU)
PEPPairwise Error Probability
PEPPerformance Evaluation Plan
PEPPositron Electron Project (experimental particle physics)
PEPPre-Employment Polygraph (Canada)
PEPPension Equity Plan (retirement savings)
PEPPolice Explorer Program (various locations)
PEPPhosphoenolpyruvic Acid (biochemistry)
PEPPreferred Employer Program (various locations)
PEPPan-European Pension (retirement fund)
PEPPeople Empowering People
PEPPerimeter Email Protection
PEPProgressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh
PEPPeacekeeping English Project
PEPPrincipal Educational Psychologist
PEPPublic Employment Program
PEPPrimary Education Program
PEPPortable Electronic Product
PEPPerugia Erasmus Project (EU)
PEPPastoral Excellence Program (various organizations)
PEPPeirce Edition Project (Indiana University, Indianapolis)
PEPPalm Education Pioneer (grant program)
PEPProcess Enhancement Partners, Inc. (Silver Spring, MD)
PEPPerlacher Einkaufspassagen (Munich shopping mall)
PEPPlant Equipment Package
PEPPhyscomitrella EST Programme
PEPProgram Execution Plan
PEPPost Exposure Preventive Treatment
PEPPotential Extramural Projects
PEPPower Extension Package (NASA)
PEPProducibility Engineering and Planning
PEPPole-Equator-Pole transects
PEPProposal Evaluation Plan
PEPProfitability Enhancement Program
PEPPhthalate Esters Panel
PEPProposal Entry Processor
PEPPartitioned Emulation Programming
PEPPerformance Enhancement Protocol
PEPPromotion Evaluation Pattern
PEPProgressive Evaluation Process (Washington State DSHS term having to do with incapacity determinations)
PEPProduct Evolution Program (Cisco)
PEPParent Encouragement Program, Inc.
PEPPower Entry Panel
PEPProgrammable Electronics Performance
PEPProtected Equity Participation
PEPPublic Enquiry Point
PEPParents for Enrichment Programs
PEPProducibility Engineering & Planning
PEPParkinson's Educational Program
PEPPortable Energy Products, Inc.
PEPProduction Engineering & Planning
PEPProgrammable Entry Panel
PEPPoste à Exigences Particulières (French: Position Specific Requirements)
PEPPaperless Environment Project
PEPPhysics Enhancement Program
PEPPhysician Enhancement Program
PEPPatent Examination Procedure
PEPPort Expansion Processor (SACCS)
PEPParticipatory Enterprise Planning
PEPPeripheral Emulation Program
PEPProcess Enhancement Program
PEPProduct Evaluation Procedure
PEPPerformance Enhancement Platoon (instuctional tool used at US Coast Guard Boot Camp)
PEPPerformance Evaluation & Prediction
PEPPropellants, Explosives, and/or Pyrotechnics
PEPPrivate Energy Partners
PEPPreferred Equipment Program
PEPPredictability Engineering and Planning
PEPProductivity, Engineering and Planning
PEPPreinstruction Emulation Program
PEPProcurement Exception Processing
PEPPhased Execution Plan
PEPProcurement Evaluation Panel
PEPPresident's Escapee Program
PEPPsychoeducational Process
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Ordering a serum protein electrophoresis to check for multiple myeloma is appropriate in osteoporotic patients over age 50 years with an abnormal complete blood count.
11- lease of the analyzer for protein electrophoresis with the successive supply of agarose gels.
Plasma protein electrophoresis revealed marked changes starting at 10 weeks after infection, characterized by an increase in the y-globulin fraction and a gradual decrease to normal values during weeks 22 to 34.
The immunodiagnostic tests recommended by the International Myeloma Working Group (IMWG) for the initial symptomatic screening of patients for suspected monoclonal gammopathy such as multiple myeloma include serum protein electrophoresis (SPEP), serum immunofixation, and serum free light chains (free kappa and free lambda with ratio).
For decades, the clinical laboratory has exploited the clonal nature of the immune response to detect myeloma and MGUS by using serum protein electrophoresis (SPE).
Serum protein electrophoresis showed monoclonal immunoglobulin (Ig)-A with lambda peak.
The serum protein electrophoresis (agarose gel) showed the presence of a monoclonal band in between beta and gamma regions and urine protein electrophoresis showed presence of Bence-Jones protein.
The cases vary in difficulty and relate to hematology, clinical chemistry, endocrinology, acid-base and blood gas analysis, hemostasis, protein electrophoresis, infectious disease, urinalysis, biological variation, and quality control, and answers and explanations are provided.
In this study genetic variation and population structure of 1214 walleye in 10 populations from the Great Plains and Midwestern regions of North America were examined by protein electrophoresis of muscle and liver samples.
Supply of laboratory instruments including a fully automated chemistry analyzer & a fully automated protein electrophoresis analyzer for the clinical chemistry laboratory at Southern Egypt Cancer Institute in 2 lots.
In this report we demonstrate that two-dimensional protein electrophoresis is a powerful tool for examining the biochemical status of coral tissue, and we use it to show that light-mediated changes in the proteome and in coral behavior can both be achieved in darkness by altering cytoplasmic calcium levels.
Keywords: Salt Mine Speleotherapy; Induced Pathology; Air Composition; Electrolyte Balance; Protein Electrophoresis