PRSSAPublic Relations Student Society of America
PRSSAPuerto Rico Statehood Students Association, Inc. (San Juan, Puerto Rico; est. 1970)
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I joined PRSSA because the org is directly connected to my major, but also because it gives me access to campus resources my White peers use that I wouldn't know about otherwise" noted Oscar.
We discussed Oscar's difficulty leading in predominantly White organizations, specifically PRSSA where he served as president.
She said that the current conference committee of the PRSSA National Conference had asked her to attend the event as a special invitee and guest speaker from India.
The PRSSA connects you with more than 10,000 students and 20,000 professionals involved in public relations through national and regional events, local Chapters and communication networks.
17] Moreover, a research course is one of the five required courses that the Public Relations Society of America mandates public relations programs must have in order to establish PRSSA chapters.
National-based PRSSA competitions, such as the annual Bateman competition, can become class projects.
PRSSA National Headquarters provided a list of PRSSA chapters, which identified the chapter's district designation, its membership size, and faculty adviser contact information.
Faculty advisers were asked to administer the surveys in their public relations classes and/or in PRSSA meetings and to return the surveys in bulk in prepaid envelopes by May 15, 1997.
A recent survey, commissioned by PRSSA and financed by a grant from Hill and Knowlton, found that 89.
We thank the PRSSA participating Chapters and students for their creative efforts, and congratulate Ohio Northern University for its exceptional campaign that went above and beyond in research, organization, implementation and results.