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PMLPakistan Muslim League
PMLProgressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy
PMLPromyelocytic Leukemia
PMLPerfectly Matched Layer
PMLPlymouth Marine Laboratory
PMLProbable Maximum Loss (insurance)
PMLPhysical Markup Language
PMLPanoro Minerals Ltd (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
PMLPrinter Management Language
PMLPublic Missiles Ltd
PMLPierpont Morgan Library (New York, NY)
PMLPseudo-Maximum-Likelihood (data estimation algorithm)
PMLPrins Maurits Laboratory (Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek)
PMLPosterior Mitral Leaflet
PMLProduct Markup Language
PMLPartido Movimiento Libertario (Libertarian Movement Party, Costa Rica)
PMLProcess Modelling Language
PMLProof Markup Language (computer programming)
PMLPissing Myself Laughing
PMLPatchogue-Medford Library
PMLPossible Maximum Loss (insurance)
PMLPortal Markup Language
PMLPolymer Multi-Layer
PMLProcedural Markup Language
PMLPattern Markup Language
PMLParti Marocain Libéral (French: Moroccan Liberal Party)
PMLPiss Myself Laughing (Australian)
PMLPenalized Maximum Likelihood
PMLPath Merge LSR (Label Switched Router)
PMLPeeing Myself Laughing
PMLPublishing Markup Language
PMLPreferred Medicines List (New Zealand)
PMLPerformance Model Library
PMLPreventive Maintenance Level
PMLPotential Maximum Loss (insurance)
PMLPattern Makers' League
PMLPoor Man's Lift (automobile modification)
PMLProgram Management Line
PMLPersonnel Movement Limitation
PMLPacket Mode Line
PMLPrecision Measuring Laboratory
PMLProtocol Management Module
PMLPolicy Management Layer
PMLProton Missile Launcher (Star Wars game)
PMLProgrammable Micro-Logic
PMLPlatform Mission Library
PMLProgram Management Listing
PMLPaper Markup Language (an extension of XML with definitions for the paper industry)
PMLPresentation Management Layer
PMLPasture Managed Lands
PMLPersonalized Mailing List (RootsWeb)
PMLProquest Medical Library (database)
PMLProject Management Logistics (shipping)
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The pseudo-maximum-likelihood method described in Wang (2001) was used to obtain estimates and 95% confidence intervals of [N.
e] is the pseudo-maximum-likelihood estimate of variance effective size obtained by following Wang (2001).
The pseudo-maximum-likelihood (temporal-method) estimates of variance effective size ([N.
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