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PMIRPersonnel Management and Industrial Relations
PMIRPsi-Mediated Instrumental Response
PMIRPhenomenal Model of the Intentionality-Relation (subjectivity theory)
PMIRPressure Modulator Infrared Radiometer
PMIRPennsylvania Militia First Rifles (American Revolution militia)
PMIRProject Management in Research (Sweden)
PMIRPerformance Management Indicators Report
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Relating this finding back to cases of spontaneous psi on which the PMIR model is largely based, this result would seem to support the idea that in many cases, the need for instinctual choices and time for cognitive deliberation would obviate the gains from the psi-mediated instrumental response.
Unconscious psi-mediated instrumental response and its relation to conscious ESP performance.
However, with respect to response times, Stanford (1974) specified an unconscious timing mechanism as a means by which psi-mediated instrumental responses could manifest, and this notion was supported by one of his own studies (Stanford & Thompson, 1973).
Within Stanford's specification of the PMIR model, it is claimed that knowledge of need-relevant circumstances and an intention to fulfil such needs may play an inhibitory role in the psi-mediated instrumental response process.
2012) speculated that the primary function of psi-mediated instrumental responses may be to avoid negative outcomes.
A study of associative mediation in psi-mediated instrumental response.
Belief in good luck, psi-mediated instrumental response, and games of chance.
ABSTRACT: Stanford's Psi-Mediated Instrumental Response (PMIR) model postulates that organisms may use psi nonintentionally in service of their needs.
In this way, luck may be similar to a psi-mediated instrumental response (see Stanford, 1990).