PtK2Potorous Tridactylis Kidney Epithelial Cells
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In April 2013, the provincial government stopped PTK2 from laying its pipes in Barangay (village) Kayquit II in Indang.
(v) Proteins encoded by the PTK2 gene are involved in the focal adhesions that form between cells growing in the presence of extracellular matrix constituents.
Caspase 4 and 8 as well as Ataxia telangiectasia mutated (ATM), Talin 1 (TALIN), and PTK2 protein tyrosine kinase 2 (FAK) genes, involved in apoptosis, were up-regulated in response to Sol B.
(b) Gene symbol (c) Gene name (c) 2 PPM [O.sub.3] J02999 Rab2 ras-related protein RAB2 L19698 Rala GTP binding protein (Ral A) X07287 Pkrcg protein kinase C-[gamma] J03552 Mug1 plasma proteinase inhibitor D85760 Gna12 guanine nucleotide-binding protein a-12 M99567 PIcb3 phospholipase C [beta]-3 U00620 Cfs2 GM-CSF M59980 Kcnd2 voltage-gated K+ channel protein M83666 Hck Hck tyrosine protein kinase, p56 AF020777 Ptk2 focal adhesion kinase AF000300 Lyn lyn A tyrosine kinase 5 PPM [O.sub.3] U46034 Mmp11 matrix metal loproteinase 11 D55627 Rbl2 retinoblastoma-like 2 M95738 Slc6a11 Na+/K+ dependent GABA transporter M28647 Atp1a1 Na+/K+ATPaseed subunit U93306 Kdr VEGFR-2 M20637 Plcd1 phospholipase C delta 1 Accession no.
It said the local officials were amiss for allowing the bulk-water operator, PTK2 H2O Corp., to lay its pipes and construct a water intake and filtration system although the company lacked a number of government permits and clearances.
Micromanipulation of chromosomes in PTK2 cells using laser microsurgery (optical scalpel) in combination with laser-induced optical force (optical tweezers).
Gregory the Great Parish in Indang before forming a human chainA,A to express their opposition to the water project of PTK2 H2O Corp.