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PAIPlasminogen Activator Inhibitor
PAIPersonal Accident Insurance
PAIPopulation Action International
PAIPiano Assetto Idrogeologico (Italian: Hydrogeological Plan)
PAIP-Asserted Identity
PAIPulse Accumulator Input
PAIPremise Attachment Interface
PAIPersonality Assessment Inventory
PAIPathogenicity Island
PAIProtection and Advocacy Inc.
PAIProject AI (Microsoft Flight Simulator)
PAIPrivate Attorney Involvement (Legal Services Corporation)
PAIPerforming Arts Institute (various locations)
PAIPre-Approval Inspection (FDA)
PAIPatient Assessment Instrument
PAIPublic Authority for Industry (Kuwait)
PAIPublicly Available Information (valuation)
PAIParti Africain de l’Indépendance (African Independence Party; Burkina Faso)
PAIPrice Alignment Interest (finance)
PAIPublic Awareness Initiative (media)
PAIPolymorphic Alu Insertion
PAIPalo Alto Investors (Palo Alto, CA)
PAIParty for African Independence (Burkina Faso)
PAIProcess After Input
PAIPrecision Aviation, Inc. (various locations)
PAIPrimary Aircraft Inventory
PAIPeninsula Art Institute (California)
PAIPuppetry Arts Institute (Independence, MO)
PAIPerformance Appraisal Instrument (employment)
PAIPersonnel Asset Inventory
PAIPesticide Active Ingredient
PAIProduct Authentication International (UK)
PAIPre Accession Instrument (EU)
PAIPublic Administration Institution (Washington Business and Technology Institute)
PAIProcessed Apples Institute
PAIPathology Associates International (SAIC subsidiary)
PAIPositive Action, Inc. (Twin Falls, ID; education)
PAIPermit Authorizing Individual (National Fire Protection Association)
PAIPerformance Audit Inspection
PAIPure Active Ingredient (EPA)
PAIPolizia dell'Africa Italiana (Italian African Police)
PAIPanduit Authorized Installer
PAIPancreatitis Association International
PAIPrescient Applied Intelligence (Park City, UT)
PAIpubic arch interference
PAIPre-Arrival Instruction (emergency dispatch)
PAIPhysicians Advocacy Institute, Inc.
PAIProgramme d'Action Intégré (French: Integrated Action Program)
PAIPacific Achievement International
PAIPhysics Applications, Inc.
PAIPrincipal Arterial-Interstate
PAIPassengers Association of India
PAIPoverty Alleviation Initiative
PAIPayload Analytical Integration
PAIProgramme d’actions intégrées de recherche (Research Integrated Action Programmes)
PAIPrinceton AIDS Initiative (Princeton, NJ)
PAIPersonal Appearance Inspection (USAF Academy)
PAIPervasive Artificial Intelligence
PAIProduct Acquisition and Installation
PAIPolice Accident Investigator
PAIPlan d'Action Incendie (French: Fire Action Plan)
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Bridgestone Middle East and Africa, with the support of Robert Bosch Middle East, launched its latest public awareness initiative in Oman last week.
As part of public awareness initiative, the Department of Psychiatry, KTH in collaboration with print and electronic media to increase awareness about psychiatric illness and encourage community participation in care of mentally ill people.
Seeing first hand how stigma and fear prevent so many from seeking help, as well as observing the positive outcomes for those who do receive treatment, she made it a personal mission to gather community members and business to band together and bring the public awareness initiative to Paramus.
It was able to increase user-generated content for its My Great Story public awareness initiative, which asks site visitors to submit inspiring stories about living with Down syndrome or about someone they know who has Down syndrome.
To honor the founder of modern nursing, multiple nursing organizations have come together to launch a sustained public awareness initiative to celebrate the commitment of the world's estimated 15 million nurses.
A public awareness initiative, similar to the successful effort to increase recognition, prevention, and treatment of HIV/AIDS.
2010 IYNurse is a sustained public awareness initiative that seeks to recognize the contributions of nurses and engage them in the promotion of world health, including the United Nations (UN) Millenium Development Goals, established at the UN Millennium Summit in 2000.
PLEIS-NB successfully obtained funding from the Women's Program Community Fund, Status of Women Canada to partner with the dedicated and hardworking family violence network in the Miramichi to create and pilot a bilingual public awareness initiative.
West Midlands was chosen, along with Surrey, by the Home Secretary as a pilot area for a major public awareness initiative following a review into the management of child sex offenders in the community.
This report represents a project of Research for Action in cooperation with Philadelphia Student Union as part of the Learning from Philadelphia's School Reform research and public awareness initiative.
The American Lung Association recently announced that it will collaborate on a new, far-reaching influenza public awareness initiative with sanofi pasteur, a leading influenza vaccine manufacturer.
ACA recently participated in a public awareness initiative sponsored by the National Assembly of Health & Human Service Organizations.
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