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PCLGPublic Citizen Litigation Group
PCLGPoverty and Conservation Learning Group (International Institute for Environment and Development)
PCLGPerfect Circle Letterboxing Guild (New Jersey and Pennsylvania)
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Yesterday the lawsuit was filed on his behalf by Public Citizen Litigation Group, a public interest legal organization founded by Ralph Nader.
No doubt Nunn is now poring over the 1,400 uncensored pages of North's diaries recently released in response to a lawsuit filed by the National Security Archive and the Public Citizen Litigation Group.
Paul Alan Levy, a lawyer with Public Citizen Litigation Group who represented the anonymous poster, said the ruling "is extremely significant because this is the first state supreme court to squarely decide which standards should govern John Doe subpoena cases.
As Eric Glitzenstein, an attorney for the Public Citizen Litigation Group, testified before Congress, "The whole point of the [1974] statute--to take control away from President Nixon and place it in an independent executive branch official--is subverted by the Justice Department memorandum.
For lawyers at Public Citizen Litigation Group, who often assist plaintiff lawyers in bringing FOIA litigation, the effects of FOIA stonewalling on plaintiffs can be devastating, particularly when large fees are assessed on requesters.
But Scott Nelson, a Public Citizen Litigation Group lawyer, said this assurance is not sufficient to justify withholding safety information from the public.
Allison Zieve, a Public Citizen Litigation Group attorney who argued the appeal for plaintiff Lisa Goodlin, said the decision is significant.
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