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PDMProgram Decision Memorandum
PDMPresidential Decision Memorandum
PDMProduct Data Management
PDMPlanning and Decision Making (various organizations)
PDMPredictive Maintenance
PDMPre-Disaster Mitigation (FEMA)
PDMPlano Director Municipal (Portuguese: Municipal Master Plan)
PDMPre-Disaster Mitigation (FEMA Grant Program)
PDMPhysical Data Model
PDMProduktdatenmanagement (German: Product Data Management)
PDMProduct Manager
PDMPIX Device Manager (Cisco)
PDMPeople's Democratic Movement
PDMPower Distribution Management (industrial engineering)
PDMPolycrystalline Diamond
PDMParallel Data Mining
PDMProfessional Data Management (various companies)
PDMPix Device Manager
PDMPortable Dialog Manager
PDMProduct and Document Management
PDMPower Down Mode
PDMPassenger Door Module
PDMParallel Development Manager
PDMPulse Density Modulation
PDMPix Device Module
PDMProtocol Driver Module
PDMProcess Debug Manager
PDMPhendimetrazine (diet pill)
PDMProgramme Development and Management (World Health Organization)
PDMPhysical Distribution Management
PDMPart de Marché (French: market share)
PDMPinakothek Der Moderne (German: The Modern Art Gallery)
PDMPrint, Design and Marketing (various locations)
PDMProfessional Development Meeting
PDMPartnership Development Manager (scholastic sports; UK)
PDMProgrammed Depot Maintenance
PDMPower Distribution Module
PDMPredictive Data Migration
PDMPulse Duration Modulation
PDMPrecedence Diagramming Method
PDMPrehospital and Disaster Medicine
PDMPersonal Dust Monitor
PDMPartito Democratico Meridionale (Italian: Southern Democratic Party)
PDMPharmacokinetics, Dynamics and Metabolism (Pfizer)
PDMProduct Development Manager
PDMPartidul Democrat din Moldova (Romanian: Democratic Party of Moldova)
PDMPeriodic Depot Maintenance
PDMProgramming Development Manager
PDMProcess Device Manager
PDMPulse-Density Modulation
PDMProduction Data Management
PDMProduct Data Manager
PDMPittsburgh-Des Moines Steel (various locations)
PDMPersonal Data Manager (portable hardware tool)
PDMPoint Distribution Model
PDMPainting, Decorating and Maintenance (John Wayne Gacy business)
PDMPhased Depot Maintenance
PDMPublic Debt Management
PDMProject Design and Management
PDMPursuit Deterrent Munition
PDMPositive Displacement Motor
PDMProject Data Manager
PDMProject Document Management
PDMParlance Document Manager (Xyvision Electronic Publishing System)
PDMParallel Disk Model
PDMProgram Data Management
PDMPolicy-Driven Management
PDMPalm Digital Media (electronic book format)
PDMProtocol-Dependent Module (Cisco)
PDMPhase Difference Modulation
PDMPassenger Door Module (automotive)
PDMProgram Decision Meeting
PDMPartido Democratico Maubere (Maubere Democratic Party, East Timor)
PDMPrecalculus and Discrete Math
PDMProcessor Data Module
PDMProduct Description Manual
PDMPulse Delta Modulation
PDMPossible Duplicate Message
PDMPrimary Deployment Mechanism
PDMPhilips Dupont Magnetics
PDMProgram Development Methodology
PDMPsychological Disaster Management (Swedish disaster victim support group)
PDMPaddle Drive Mechanism
PDMProduct-Differentiated Marketing
PDMProbabalistic Dilution Model (US EPA)
PDMPropellant Distribution Module
PDMPower Density Monitor
PDMParticipatory/Participative Decision Making
PDMProcess Data Marshalling
PDMPrimary Drive Motor
PDMPaul Diatlovich Motorsports (Indy Racing team)
PDMPursuit Deterrent Mine
PDMProcess Definition and Maintenance
PDMPreliminary Development Model
PDMPrincipal Deer Manager
PDMPacket Data Module
PDMPine Derivatives Marketing, Inc. (Wilmington, DE)
PDMProblem Definition Memo
PDMPulse Division Multiplex
PDMProject Data Manual
PDMPrecision Destruction Munition(s)
PDMPAWS Display Manager
PDMPreliminary Design Meeting
PDMProcess Development Mapping (Sprint)
PDMProfessional DJ (Disc Jockey) Mixer (various companies)
PDMPropellant Dispersion Munition
PDMProgram Design Manual
PDMProtein-Detecting Microarray
PDMProgram Development Manual
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The Ministry of Finance is very interested in fiscal sustainability, strengthening budget management, strengthening sustainable public debt management, restructuring state-owned enterprises, and training to improve capacity.
The aim of setting up the a Public Debt Management Agency ( PDMA) is to resolve issues relating to conflict of interest as the RBI decides on the key interest rates as well as undertakes buying and selling of government bonds.
ISLAMABAD -- Finance Minister Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar chaired a meeting here to review issues related to public debt management.
The new public debt management strategy for 2015 targets to meet financial needs to cover the State Treasury deficit for a relatively low cost in accordance with the degree of risk on the medium term.
However further steps are 'urgently needed' to improve PFM and public debt management.
Summary: Shankar Raman and Ajit Ranade debate on whether India needs an independent Public Debt Management Agency.
2 million loan to improve public debt management at the Grand Serail, Khalil underscored the need to seriously discuss and approve the 2015 draft budget in a bid to reach a transparent and proper management of public funds.
According to Greece's public debt management agency (PDMA) Athens paid 2.
Federal Reserve's unwinding its bond-buying program, the OECD's head of public debt management issue, Hans Blommestein, said.
The ongoing finalization of a debt law governing the contraction of debt constitutes an important step towards strengthening the public debt management framework," she said.
The Public Debt Management Agency said the 13-week loans were auctioned Tuesday at an interest rate of 4.
Based on the experiences from the debt crises of the 1980s and 1990s, the last 20 years in public debt management has changed significantly in many countries.