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PHAPhoenix (Amtrak airport station code; Phoenix, AZ)
PHAPeriodic Health Assessment (US Army)
PHAPublic Housing Authority
PHAPublic Health Association (various organizations)
PHAPhytohemagglutinin (a polyclonal T-cell activator)
PHAProcess Hazard Analysis
PHAPulmonary Hypertension Association (Silver Spring, MD; formerly United Patients Association for Pulmonary Hypertension)
PHAPure Hyaluronic Acid
PHAPublic Health Act (various locations)
PHAPhiladelphia Housing Authority (Philadelphia, PA)
PHAPublic Housing Assessment
PHAPublic Health Advisory (US FDA)
PHAPrince Hall Affiliated (Freemason)
PHAPersonal Health Assessment
PHAPyeong Hwa Automotive
PHAPeer Health Advocates (various schools)
PHAPeople living with HIV/AIDS
PHAPreliminary Hazard Analysis
PHAPeak Horizontal Acceleration (engineering)
PHAPublic Health Administrator
PHAProvidence Housing Authority (Rhode Island)
PHAPublic Housing Administration
PHAPotentially Hazardous Asteroid
PHAPreventive Health Assessment
PHAPortland Housing Authority (Portland, ME)
PHAPakistan Housing Authority
PHAPeople's Health Assembly
PHAPublic Highway Authority
PHAPartnership for Health and Accountability (Georgia)
PHAPelger-Huet Anomaly
PHAPhysical Health Assessment
PHAPublic Health Association of Australia
PHAProject Home Again (various locations)
PHAPhilippine Hospital Association
PHAPalomino Horse Association
PHAPinto Horse Association
PHAProtocol Handler (ATM)
PHAPush Accumulator on Stack (6502 processor instruction)
PHAPosition Hazard Analysis (USACE safety management action plan)
PHAPersonnel Holding Area (US Army)
PHAPreventative Health Assessment
PHAProduction Handling Agreement
PHAPullet Hatcheries Association (UK)
PHAPulse Height Analyzer/Analysis
PHAPyramidal-Horn Antenna
PHAPulpwood Harvesting Area (forestry)
PHAPresident's House Association (Georgetown College; Kentucky)
PHAPassenger Hold Area
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HUD funding for the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority and other public housing agencies is secure through the end of February, said Jeff Horwich, the authority's director of public policy and external affairs.
"The public housing authority in Minneapolis isn't looking at this any differently, but they are subject to the laws created by legislators above them, including the Legislature of Minnesota," he said.
"Through tireless advocacy efforts and applying the tools learned at the Florida Legal Aid Leadership Development Institute, the public housing authority changed the way it was implementing the rules.
may be the only college president in the United States who's had the experience of running a major city's public housing authority. While serving as general counsel at Tulane University in the late 1990s, Mason was charged with the task of overseeing the Housing Authority of New Orleans after city officials sought to avert a takeover by the U.S.
When completed, the project will help NJTF and the Camden Public Housing Authority find the most suitable locations for new trees while quantifying the air quality, energy conservation, and water storage benefits provided by the existing tree canopy.
Subsequently, the investigating officer called a representative of the public housing authority (PHA) who advised that the subject received Section 8 funding assistance for his rent.
The law was, as it remains, remarkably broad--doubling the maximum punishment for possession or distribution of a controlled substance within 1,000 feet of "a public or private elementary, vocational, or secondary school or a public or private college, junior college, or university, or a playground, or a housing facility owned by a public housing authority, or within 100 feet of a public or private youth center, public swimming pool, or video arcade,' It exempts only those offenses involving five grams or less of marijuana.
The last five units were sold to the Chicago public housing authority at $110,000 each.
The firm traditionally had performed some public housing authority audits, but its government practice got a boost when, due to a legislative change in 1990, the state auditor discontinued auditing school districts, turning instead to CPA firms to perform the work.
According to the Mayor, it is likely that the Tallahassee Public Housing Authority will have to increase its subsidy levels without receiving additional funding from Washington.
It took five players as varied as the Des Moines Public Housing Authority, Fannie Mae and the Federal Home Loan Bank, but the bottom line is it worked.
The purpose of this contract is to provide maintenance services (P2 + P3 + P3R) for taps located in the dwellings and premises of the Rochefort Ocan agglomeration Community's public housing authority.