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Natale worked over 27 years for the City of Worcester, Worcester Housing Authority retiring as Public Housing Manager in 1990.
What you may not know is that she attended the Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama, is a Certified Public Housing Manager, Certified Occupancy Specialist and a Certified STAR Domestic Violence Instructor.
Bloom (New York Institute of Technology) documents the success of the New York City Housing Authority, and how this public housing manager remains a viable option for low-income families through superior tenant selection, policing, renovation and design.
Hardney brings 10 years experience in the field of security management, is certified as a drug elimination coordinator, UPCS (uniform physical condition standards) inspector, and a public housing manager.
In return for the many amenities Corcoran Jennison offers residents, the company assumes more control than public housing managers exert.
"Statistics show [rat poison] is more of a risk for kids living below the poverty line, because there are more rats in these communities, and public housing managers are more careless with the poisons."
The purpose of the study was to determine whether public housing developments operated by private sector, for-profit property managers were perceived as providing higher levels of social support than those operated by traditional public housing managers. This was done through comparative assessments regarding the availability of, utilization of, and resident satisfaction with social services.
A fundamental question to be answered was whether "traditional" public housing managers or profit-driven, private sector managers achieved better results in the aforementioned areas.
Steps that have preceded this level of empowerment included hard assessments of who we are as public housing managers, and within the scope of our position, what we can do.
In Public Housing: HUD Has Several Opportunities to Promote Private Management (GAO/RCED-99-210), the GAO points out that cost cutting is not a top priority for public housing managers, nor is aggressively collecting rents, evicting problem residents, keeping the property attractive, or responding to residents needs.
Public housing managers will now be able to admit households with annual incomes of up to $35,000.
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