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PINESPublic Income Notes (unsecured uUnsubordinated debentures issued by public companies)
PINESPublic Information Network for Electronic Services (Georgia Public Library)
PINESPeople in Need of Environmental Safety (Pines, IN)
PINESPACAF Integrated National Exploitation System
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This redemption notice relates to the company's 6.625% public income notes due 28 June 2032, 6.10% public income notes due 15 November 2032 and its 6.45% notes due 15 June 2046.
Holders of AMR's 9% Debentures due 2016 (CUSIP 001765AC0) and its 7.875% PINES (Public Income Notes) due 2039 (CUSIP 001765866) are advised to contact their brokers or other investment advisors regarding trading in those securities.
The parent company of US carriers American Airlines Inc and AMR Eagle Holding Corporation, AMR Corporation, stated on Friday that it has received written notification from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) advising AMR that its common stock, traded under the symbol AMR, its 9% Debentures due 2016, traded under the symbol AMR 16, and its 7.875% PINES (Public Income Notes) due 2039, traded under the symbol AAR, will be suspended from trading on the NYSE.
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