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PINPersonal Identification Number
PINPeople in Need
PINPressure In
PINPain In the Ass (Nursing)
PINPosition Indicator
PINPlaces in the Network (computer architecture)
PINPower in Numbers
PINPartners in Learning
PINProduct Identification Number
PINPekan Imunisasi Nasional (Indoensian: National Immunization Week)
PINPublic Information Notice (International Monetary Fund)
PINPersönliche Identifikations Nummer (German: Personal Identification Number)
PINProtein Interaction Network
PINProjecten in Nederland (Dutch: Projects in Netherlands)
PINProstatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia
PINPublic Insight Network (various organizations)
PINPrimate Info Net (University of Wisconsin)
PINPersonal Information Number
PINProvider Identification Number
PINPersonal Information Navigator
PINPersonal Internet Name
PINProcedure Interpreter
PINProcedure Interrupt Negative
PINProject Idea Note (World Bank)
PINProtein Inhibitor of Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase
PINPrior Information Notice
PINProperty Index Number
PINProcess Identification Number
PINPower Information Network
PINPosterior Interosseous Nerve
PINPesticide Information Network
PINPublic Involvement Network (various organizations)
PINPeople's Information Network (UK)
PINProgressive Inflammatory Neuropathy
PINPostal Index Number (India)
PINProduct Information Network
PINNational Integration Party (Costa Rica)
PINParticle Impact Noise
PINProject Identification Number
PINPolice Information Network
PINPart or Identifying Number
PINProcessor Independent NetWare (Novell)
PINPregnancy, Infection and Nutrition
PINProgram Item Number
PINProgram Information Notice
PINPlan Identification Number
PINProduct Information Number
PINPetroenergy Information Network (Iran)
PINPromontory Interfinancial Network
PINPassword Identification Number
PINPosition Identification Number
PINProduction Identification Number
PINPre-Invitation Notice
PINPersonnel Increment Number
PINProcurement Information Notice
PINProcurement Identification Number
PINPajama Income Network
PINProcedural Interrupt Negative (ITU-T)
PINPhoto Intrinsic
PINProgressive Iowa Network
PINPublication Identification Number
PINPacket Identification Number
PINPinpoint Identified Neighborhoods
PINPersonnel Item Number
PINParent Is Near
PINProcurement Installation Number
PINProduct Improvement Notice
PINProject Initiation Note
PINPlan Idroloxico Nazional
PINPostal Information Number
PINPhysical Inventory Notification
PINPrimary Inter-LATA Number (Sprint)
PINPN Junction with Isolation Region
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Louis Beacon long ago became part of the Public Insight Network, which reaches out to members of the community asking for their input and sharing their expertise.
In other news-related transactions, the non-profit web site and software platform said late last month it had been acquired by the Public Insight Network, a division of American Public Media, the Minneapolis-based producer of public radio programs.
To do this, ProPublica works with American Public Media's Public Insight Network, which connects journalists in print, online, on TV, and in radio segments with knowledgeable sources.
Some terrific efforts by local stations--part of a steady stream of small-scale innovations--include New Hampshire Public Radio (, the Public Insight Network (1) and :Vocalo (vocalo.
29) Another new avenue for sources, sometimes with less formal expertise, is the Public Insight Network, said Mark Katches, editorial director for the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR).
Paul, Minn., have developed a service called the Public Insight Network (PIN), which they hope will help reporters find a broader range of sources and to break through that "echo chamber," said Joellen Easton, a journalist who is now the partners manager for the network.
Public Insight Network began in 2003 in the Minnesota Public Radio newsroom as a database with 39 sources and has since grown to 120,000 sources and 50 partner news organizations, Easton said, including the St.
APM is using its Public Insight Network (PIN), a platform for people to share their knowledge and insights with journalists, to further engage users in the news-gathering process.
That's why some newspapers have turned to companies that will crowd-source for them, such as Public Insight Network, a grant-funded, fee-based organization in Minnesota that connects journalists to sources, or Help a Reporter Out, an advertising-based group in New York that promises sources for everyone at no charge.
-- said they would align with American Public Media's Public Insight Network, a web site that matches public experts with journalists.
Instead of surveying business leaders and economists, our newsroom sent e-mail surveys to 500 sources in our public insight network. We asked 1.
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