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PUBLICPublic Symbol (assembly language directive)
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The statement said the use of such symbols is prohibited if it can lead to a disrespect of such public symbols, and must only be used in the context of the respect such a public symbol has.
The logo and symbol of the trademark should be held in high regard as a public symbol and slogan that should not be disrespected or undermined.
Of course the horrors of war should never be forgotten, and Armistice Day is an important reminder of the sacrifices made but surely you can show respect without that public symbol, and without making a cash donation.
At Carrow Road last weekend, at least four Uruguayan flags were spotted among the travelling Kop, a clear and public symbol of their recognition that Suarez, perhaps even more than skipper Steven Gerrard, is the reason why the prize is so tantalisingly within their grasp.
Our truck] is a very public symbol that entrepreneurship can be successful on campus.
In a Windows system, debugging information is named as a private symbol or public symbol.
The memorial, which was erected in Moscow's Red Square, was not just a public symbol of the dead leader's continuing influence, but a laboratory for the conservation and eventual resurrection of his body and mind (though physical deterioration and invasive study of Lenin's brain soon foreclosed that option).
After surviving the Hunger Games twice, seventeen-year-old Katniss Everdeen has to put aside her personal feelings and become the Mockingjay, public symbol of the rebellion.
Canberra, July 18 (ANI): Australian liberal senator Cory Bernardi has urged the country to follow the lead of France and ban the burka, describing it as "the most public symbol of fundamentalist Islam".
Cities are encouraged to post the sign as a public symbol of the city's pledge to continually address issues of inclusiveness.
While reading Open, one has a sense of golf's place as a public symbol of athletic skill and human interaction.
It will be a public symbol reminding people that those who are mentally ill should not be ostracized.
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